Pete SandovalFlorida-based extreme metallers MORBID ANGEL have announced that they will be carrying a “Pete Commando Sandoval” T-shirt on upcoming tours. This shirt is to help raise money for the band’s drummer, Pedro “Pete” Sandoval, and his extensive medical bills. The band plans to sell this shirt on every show and 100 percent of all the profit will go to Pete directly.

Sandoval last year underwent back surgery for a deteriorating disc problem. Filling in for him on a temporary basis is Tim Yeung, who has previously played with DIVINE HERESY, ALL THAT REMAINS, NILE, HATE ETERNAL and VITAL REMAINS.

There have been many false rumors regarding Pete’s condition and the guys all wish him a full recovery as he is still, and always will be, part of the family.

In a recent interview with Decibel magazine, MORBID ANGEL bassist/vocalist David Vincent stated about Sandoval, “The doctors told him he would probably feel better in six months, but that didn’t happen. It’s not even about the pain going away — playing drums is not a relaxing job. I think right now he’s able to get up, pop a couple of pain pills and go about his day — go to the store, do a few things around the house, light stuff like that. It’s an entirely different thing for him to be able to sit behind his kit, and we understand that. Nobody’s rooting for him more than we are, but I’d like to see a little more improvement than what I’ve seen.”

“Tim brings a lot to the table. I like him personally, and he’s a damn good player. He’s not Pete, though. There’s only one Pete, and obviously I’m not happy that Pete has had some of the physical challenges that he’s had. Obviously Pete’s not happy about it either. But it’s out of my control and it’s out of Pete’s control, too. We want him to have a speedy recovery, and anything I can do to help him is on my list of important things.”

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