Pestilence LogoMike Sloan of recently conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Patrick Mameli of resurrected Dutch death metallers PESTILENCE. A few excerpts from the chat follow below. What are your plans as far as touring for “Doctrine”? Will there be a full Stateside tour or will you mostly do festivals and trek across Europe?

Patrick Mameli: Well, let me tell you something about the U.S. And I love the U.S.; I lived there for seven months in Florida and I just loved it. I love the States and I embrace it with all of my heart. But I think with coming over to the States, it’s almost like giving birth to a child. You guys were there on the moon before the Russians, yet you can’t get a [good] show going. [What I mean by that] is the promotions are bad, the equipment is bad; touring there is bad because of bad promotion. It’s bad promoters, really. I really want to come over there but we need good promoters who will promote the shit out of shows so there can be a good crowd going. I know there’s a ton of people over there who want to attend a PESTILENCE show. I mean, I really, really want to come over to the States because I love ’em, but goddamn, make sure you get your promoters right so we can come over there. Compare your mindset from way back in the day when you first started PESTILENCE, the days when you were just learning and jamming before your first full-length came out. Compare your mindset and aspirations then to what they are today. How have you changed over the years and how have you stayed the same?

Mameli: [Back then] we just wanted to play shows. We didn’t want to play for money and that’s really how it is now. It’s not about a money thing. We still want to have our acknowledgement that people are still enjoying our music and people enjoying death metal. The States have always been very conservative about metal in general. They’ve always cast it out like it’s black metal or it’s cursed or praising the devil and all that stuff. But really; come on! We’re living in 2011! The States are vulnerable because look at the Twin Towers. We have so many different problems and they need to see death metal as an entertainment business. We want to give entertainment to the people and that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about putting your point across as being the harshest band in the world or being Satanic or whatever. It’s like giving an hour or hour-and-a-half of movie time and the reality is just that it’s entertainment. Most of the people who are involved in black metal or death metal or slam or whatever you want to call it are in it for entertainment. We just want to put on a good show and entertain and not be in a bad position where we are dealing with shit like taxes or having people preaching against the band or being stuck with bad promoters. We just want to deliver the goods. What’s more annoying: when the metal media asks you questions about [former PESTILENCE vocalist] Martin Van Drunen or why you brought PESTILENCE back after all these years?

Mameli: I think it’s more annoying to talk about Martin Van Drunen because he’s a fucking douche bag. The best band to ever come out of Holland is…?

Mameli: PESTILENCE! And finally, if you could beat up one person, who would it be?

Mameli: Any fucking person on Blabbermouth. Wait; the writers and editors of the site or the people in the chat room?

Mameli: Oh, the fucking chat room people who make all those fucking comments!

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PESTILENCE’s new album, “Doctrine”, is being released in North America on July 19 via Mascot Records. The eleven-track CD was recorded and mixed at Woodshed Studio in southern Germany with engineer Victor Bullok (TRIPTYKON, DARK FORTRESS). The artwork was designed by Marko Saarelainen.


Patrick Mameli – Guitar/Vocals
Jeroen Paul Thesseling – Fretless Bass
Patrick Uterwijk – Guitar
Yuma Van Eekelen – Drums

Pestilence 2011