Italian rock/metal band LACUNA COIL recently answered a number of fan-submitted questions for the web site. A few excerpts from the chat follow below. Which of your past songs has the deepest lyrical meaning for you and why?

Cristina Scabbia (vocals): I feel connected with all the lyrics I wrote, so it would be kinda unfair to mention one song only… but I’ll give you one of them. I feel really attached to a song called “Falling” ’cause it’s a very personal one with a decadent mood. It’s related to the feelings you can have after a breakup or in a bad moment of your life. It’s an easy song to relate to ’cause I am absolutely sure everyone felt like that at least once in a lifetime. In my opinion, you are one of the finest metal bands out there. How do you keep your sound unique and fresh and original and awesome?

Cristina Scabbia (vocals): I think the key is to be open-minded and realize that as life proceeds, experiences are different and you change as a person. That doesn’t mean refusing the past but it means to get the best out if it and to be ready to embrace the future. We never felt the pressure to enter the clichés; we actually don’t really conform to any. It can be good or bad, but that’s what we are and whoever loves us it’s because they really love LACUNA COIL, not a genre. You are my idol. You are strong, meaningful and a hell of a model figure to look up to. How do you see yourself? Did you ever think you would be a role model to somebody like me, and who was yours?

Cristina Scabbia (vocals): I see myself as a geeky girl who’s been able to realize that it is beautiful to be unique, as everyone is. I love to play with my image and I find myself a pretty sensual person, but at the same time I am surprised when people look at me as a sex symbol. I barely wear makeup offstage and my fans know it. I am happy to be a role model to some people, ’cause I am sure that whoever looks up to me can see the “girl next door that rocks” thing How was the recording process of “Dark Adrenaline”?

Marco Coti Zelati (bass): Very long but amazing, for me personally. I had to spend everyday from beginning to end in the studio. But I love it because I learn something new every time I’m in the studio. By the way, this time we were not stressed as with our previous albums because we recorded all the music except for the keyboards in our hometown, so good food every day, home with family during the night, and working with great people that like to have fun during the recording session and not thinking about work every second. And as for vocals and keyboards, we recorded those in L.A. in a very relaxing studio without pressure and no chaos at all, so I’m very happy about that!

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