Singer Björn Gooßes has left German melodic death metallers NIGHT IN GALES. His statement reads as follows:

“1996-2012. 16 years NIGHT IN GALES. , during which I have experienced some of the most intense moments as a musician — positive as well as negative ones.

“Well, heavy metal ain’t no picnic. I don’t wanna miss these memories whatsoever and I’ll always be proud of what we have done as a band!

“After four albums, some great and memorable tours, many festivals and numerous shows across all Europe as well as a crazy trip to Japan, there was more or less silence for quite a while. But ten years after ‘Necrodynamic’, we didn’t only give a sign life with our fifth record ‘Five Scars’, we rather returned with a bang! Yet this album is my swansong for NIGHT IN GALES.

“Since the release of ‘Five Scars’, we earned overwhelming response on the album and played some awesome shows.

“I will gratefully treasure the memory of my very last two shows with NIGHT IN GALES, which took place in Romania last weekend — but still time has come for me to close this chapter. With ‘Five Scars’, things have come full circle for me.

“I want to thank Jens, Tobbe, Frank and Adriano, our former drummer Christian and interim drummer Hartmut as well as all supporters, partners and friends of NIGHT IN GALES for pulling their weight on making this band become part of my DNA.

“1996-2012. 16 years NIGHT IN GALES. I’ll miss you, but it’s time to move on. Cheers!”

The remaining members of NIGHT IN GALES have released the following statement regading Gooßes’ departure:

“Those of you who have digged a bit deeper into the lyrics of ‘Five Scars’ may have noticed that drastic changes approach for NIGHT IN GALES.

“So, Björn’s story ends here, only one year after the release of ‘Five Scars’. It was a worthy year of parting indeed, including lots of postive feedback from all over the globe, many live highlights and excesses after a long and necessary break.

“Of course we respect Björn’s decision, yet it is a strange feeling. With his lyrics, artworks, style of singing and general presence he had a substantial share in NIGHT IN GALES from 1996 until this very day. We thank our brother of steel for the great time, for his commitment with heart and soul, for spilling sweat, blood and tears together.

“The last year has been a good one for the band, so we decided to go on. The empty position behind the microphone could fortunately be filled quickly. More info on that soon.”

Gooßes will now fully concentrate on his other band THE VERY END, which will release its new album, “Turn Off The World”, on November 23 via Steamhammer/SPV.