According to The Pulse Of RadioGODSMACK singer Sully Erna is taking some time to revisit one of his favorite hobbies — playing poker. Erna toldESPN that after spending a few years away from the game, he’s got the itch to start competing in tournaments again. Erna won nearly $18,000 in 2006 and $45,000 in 2007 at the World Series Of Poker before bringing home $307,000 that same year at the Five-Diamond World Poker Classic.
So why did he walk away? Erna said, “I was finding that I was very impatient and playing crappy hands. I was losing patience every time I was playing. I had to take a break. (But) I’m making a comeback! I’ve studied the game. I’m getting the itch to play poker again. In fact, I’m in Los Angeles today and I’ll be playing tonight. I need to shake the rust off. I’m ready to go deep and win a lot of money!”

Erna says that part of the reason he’s doing solo dates at casinos is so that he can brush up on his game again, explaining, “I love that environment. It works to my advantage, also it’s a transient audience. I can’t wait.”

The singer has booked six solo shows on the East Coast, beginning on March 22 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The concerts will feature songs from the entire span of Erna‘s career, including GODSMACK tracks and tunes from his 2010 debut solo album,“Avalon”.