Metal Kaoz recently conducted an interview with guitarist Michael Spreitzer of California metallers DEVILDRIVER. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

Metal Kaoz: What about the next DEVILDRIVER album? Where are you on that?

Spreitzer: It’s pretty much written. I’m really excited about this record, way more than I was about “Beast”, for some reason. I don’t know why. We have kind of taken a different direction with that record, but if I had to compare [the new] stuff, it’s more in the vein of “The Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand” or “The Last Kind Words”.

Metal Kaoz: Did you think of writing like that or it was a spontaneous thing?

Spreitzer: Yeah, I think we kinda did. I think we are at this point when writing together for 10 years now, you kind of look back and go, “What worked and what hasn’t?” We try to stick to a format that worked for us in the past and being well received by the fans, but also in a way keeping it different, so we don’t get bored, because we do like challenge ourselves.

Metal Kaoz: Do you have a working title for the new album?

Spreitzer: No, not yet.

Metal Kaoz: How many tracks are we talking about?

Spreitzer: Right now, I believe we are going to be tracking 13 or 14 songs. I think we are going to have 11-12 on the record and the rest as b-sides.

Metal Kaoz: Have you set a release date for the new album?

Spreitzer: We are looking at August/September 2013, as it stands now, and we will record everything with Mark Lewis at AudioHammer studios, outside of Orlando in Florida. We are going to do all the music, guitars, bass and drums over there, and then after the holidays, he is flying to California where Dez [Fafara] will do the vocals at this house; he bought a really cool vocal isolation booth in one of his rooms and Mark is going there finish it up or whatever. Maybe [we’ll do] some guitar solos or whatever has to be done at my house, at my studio; we’ll see.

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