MÖTLEY CRÜE kicked off its Australian tour with KISS earlier tonight (Thursday, February 28) at Perth Arena in Perth.

CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has checked in with the following recap of the initial concert:

“Considering the time difference from Los Angeles, the jet lag isn’t too bad. Our hotel fire alarm kept going off last night and it was somehow a blessing in disguise because it kept me awake late enough to help get me back on track.

“I was talking to Paul Stanley [of KISS] backstage today and he said he is still waking up at 4 am. Jet lag is a bitch when you have to get up onstage and give 100%, but once the lights go down, all the fatigue goes right out the window. There is no rush like performing live for a sold-out crowd.

“First show tonight was really great considering we’ve been off for about five months.The band felt really tight and the energy coming off the crowd was a great kick off to what is going to be an amazing tour. Tonight was also the first show I played my new Schecter Sixx basses and I can’t believe how great they felt to perform live with. Andy, our soundman, said they sound massive out front. Mission accomplished.

“We are doing meet-and-greets over here and it makes me so happy to see people’s faces light up just to meet the band. Again, mission accomplished…

“I brought my Leica M9 with me and am gonna try and get some photo journalistic style photography in on our days off, but for now you’ll just have to deal with this pre show shot of me…

“Good night and thank you.”

Source: www.blabbermouth.net