Although he’s quick to note that he doesn’t pay too much attention to theRock And Roll Hall Of FameANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian got a bit more passionate when talking to about a band that has been ignored by the voters.

“A lot people have a problem with KISS,” Ian said. “KISS is just as important as AEROSMITH and LED ZEPPELIN.

“The people who vote on these kinds of things — I don’t know who these people are — I think they’re the kind of people who never, ever liked KISS.

“If you like ALICE COOPER, you should like KISS. But a lot of people didn’t take them seriously as a songwriting entity. I feel like they’re never gonna let KISS in, which is pretty fucking lame when you consider what they’ve accomplished.”

He continued: “I was reading an interview with someone from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and he said that one of the main criteria to be considered into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is what influence have they had on music? KISS has influenced bands that are already in the Hall Of Fame! They’re one of the most influential bands of the last forty years!”

British rock legends DEEP PURPLE were denied entry to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this year — losing out to pop and rap acts DONNA SUMMER and PUBLIC ENEMY.

“How many people started playing guitar because of the riff to ‘Smoke On The Water?’” Ian asked “You can pinpoint that riff as the starting point to more guitar players than any other song in the history of rock. So it’s just amazing to me that a band like DEEP PURPLE isn’t in.”

Ian added: “Nothing against my friends in METALLICA, but even if you asked them… When METALLICA were inducted [into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2009], James [Hetfield] name checked a bunch of bands from the stage, saying maybe you should put these bands in as well.”