According to the Courthouse News Service, a brain cancer patient who attended a KISS concert in St. Louis last year has sued show promoterLive Nation and others, claiming that he was injured by a flying debris from a cannon.

The alleged incident occurred during the final song of KISS‘ set, “Rock And Roll All Nite” (see video below), when William Mueller Jr. claims the cannon “exploded and with great force launched a metal ratchet tie-down strap” that hit him while he was standing at his assigned seat.

“(P)rior to this incident plaintiff had been diagnosed with a rare brain cancer (Esthesioneuroblastoma) and had experienced major surgeries and intense radiation therapy,” Mueller says in the complaint. “At the time of his injury, plaintiff’s body was in a weakened and vulnerable condition.

“Defendants owed to plaintiff the duty to exercise the highest degree of care for his safety. Defendants actions, conduct, or omissions were negligent, negligent per se, or both and were not those of a reasonably prudent person.”

The members of KISS are not a parties to the complaint, which was filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court.