Source: Blabbermouth

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine was interviewed for the cover story in the June 2013 issue of U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metal Hammer: Is there a tiny part of you that enjoys provocation?

Mustaine: No, I don’t say things to get a reaction. The stuff that I write about is important to me. Some of the subjects on “Peace Sells…” are still relevant, particularly environmental issues. And the personal stuff is relevant. I’ve written songs about loss and pain — everyone goes through that so, no, I’m not being provocative. We actually have fun songs too. If you’re pissed off, the title track on “Super Collider” or “Symphony Of Destruction” might make you feel better.

Metal Hammer: Your mischievous sense of humour and interview rhetoric seems like it has always bordered on the self-destructive?

Mustaine: Yeah, and it doesn’t translate well, does it? Probably the biggest thing that has harmed my career is being misunderstood, but is it better to be understood or to understand? I understand much more now, so I’m less inclined to be preaching or complaining about being misquoted now. There are people who love me and people who don’t, but everyone’s entitled. I have love in my heart for both. I don’t get mad about the people who dislike me. You can get obsessed with that. Someone doesn’t like me? Tough shit for me!

Metal Hammer: You seem fairly approachable today.

Mustaine: I am approachable! But I have a terrible reputation. There was a guy who used to manage me, and when we had a falling out, I think he started rumours about me being difficult. But we became friends again, and reconciled. And that was all part of a process of reconciliation, including with METALLICA and [MEGADETH bassist DavidEllefson, too. And do you know what? When that happened, my injured arm and injured thumb started working again. Crazy, huh?

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