Source: Blabbermouth

Envision Radio Networks‘ “Hangar 19” recently welcomed another heavy metal legend into the Hangar, SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR lead vocalist Corey Taylor. In his two-part interview with host CutterTaylorspoke about his recent robbery, how he handles his anger and his new book.

While in Europe on tour, Taylor had $36,000 worth of music gear stolen from him by a friend he left in charge while he was away. Taylor toldCutter that, although he and his wife have gotten about 98% of the stolen items back, he is still dealing with the situation. “There are a handful of things that are still missing,” he said. “We are slowly but surely trying to get the stuff back. It sucks. You know, you think you trust somebody and then you turn around and they’re sliding the knife out of your back.”

Faced with a betrayal of this proportion, Taylor said he has learned to channel his anger and become a more positive person.

“15 years ago I was really much closer to the guy in SLIPKNOT than I am [to] the guy today, obviously,” he explained. “I mean, I had a lot of anger issues, had a lot of deep-seated, like, crazy issues that, luckily, because of the things that I have been able to do with SLIPKNOT and some of the stuff I have been able to do with STONE SOUR and whatnot, I’ve been able to kind of let go of and channel into to more positive aspects of my life. Today I am a lot closer to just kind of being a family man.”

Taylor continued: “If anything I’ve kind of turned that aggression towards other things in life that make more sense to me now. I’ll never lose the anger. I’ll never lose that fighting hate. As long as I can control it and use it to my advantage, I’ll be okay.”

You can stream this week’s full show with Corey Taylor at this location.

This coming weekend, Corey Taylor will be back inside “Hangar 19” for the second part of the interview.