Swedish hard rockers MUSTASCH will release their new album, “Testosterone”, in September via Gain Music Entertainment, which is distributed and partly owned by Sony Music.

Comments MUSTASCH guitarist/vocalist Ralf Gyllenhammar: “On our new album, which will be titled ‘Testosterone’, I deal with my manhood, dignity and tenderness.

“Testosterone has, unfortunately, sometimes had a negative significance. Why, then, I wonder?

“Macho is something I have never recognized in me, taking care of my loved ones has always been more important to me.

“On the new album, I have dropped just everything! David [Johannesson, guitar] and our producer, Rikard Löfgren, went off to Tenerife and wrote songs. Jejo [Perković, drums] have been given free reins with his drum playing without me being there and anxiously poking and spreading unrest.

“Now that I don’t play any guitars on the album, I can hear the fierce guitar player David de facto is, which I had completely missed. Stam [Johansson] is one of the world’s best bass players, so there’s everything as usual (phew)!