Every year SKAP awards scholarships and prizes to celebrate Swedish creativity across all musical genres. The awards ceremony takes place in tandem with SKAP‘s annual spring party which is organized with the composers in mind and creativity as the main focus.

In 2014, Swedish progressive metallers MESHUGGAH were awarded an exclusive scholarship for their services to the Swedish and international music scene. The musicians were presented with the scholarship and diploma by SKAP president Alfons Karabuda at an intimate event in the south side of Stockholm in December.

Said MESHUGGAH singer Jens Kidman: “We are very happy to be acknowledged this way. The SKAP prize was a bright surprise in an otherwise dark time of the year. Thanks, SKAP!”

Pictured: Jens Kidman and Tomas Haake of MESHUGGAH receive the SKAP prize. Photo credit: Kjell Holmstrand

MESHUGGAH Awarded Swedish Songwriting Prize