Music Feeds conducted an interview with FAITH NO MORE members Mike Bordin (drums),Roddy Bottum (keyboards) and Jon Hudson (guitar) during this year’s Soundwave festival in Australia.

Asked why FAITH NO MORE decided to make its first new album since 1997, the upcoming“Sol Invictus”, despite being adamant for years that it would never happen, Roddy said: “We, kind of, as a band, did a lot of shows together a couple of years ago, and it was a little bit of a coming together as friends and collaborators, and we liked being together again. And it seemed like new material was the next logical step after a bunch of reunion shows that we did. We wanted to continue doing what we do.”

Added Mike: “There was no intention of doing an album when we started the [reunion] shows. As Roddy said, we just tried to get together and play and, honestly, see how it felt — see how it felt to be ourselves.”

Continued Roddy: “Yeah, there was a conscientious decision at one point, I remember, amongst us, backstage, kind of deciding that we really didn’t wanna do any more shows just playing the old material. So we felt like the place to go was… I mean, to make ourselves feel good, we needed to make a record and make some new songs, and that’s what we did. And it wasn’t material that we had sitting around from before. It was all stuff that was inspired by the moment.”

Bottum also spoke about the musical direction of “Sol Invictus”, which was described by the Music Feeds interviewer as having “more space” than some of FAITH NO MORE‘s previous efforts.

“It’s kind of like a sense of maturity, in a way,” Roddy said. “It sounds a little bit corny, but I think as people mature into their craft, it seems like oftentimes the most effect is achieved by stripping things down rather than throwing things on, and we had such a career of throwing things into the mix. We did that really well, but I feel a lot of it was just this crazy inundation of lots and lots and lots and lots and lots. And it feels like now, stripping things down… Like, I personally love to hear a solo instrument — like, put a piano and the voice togethera and nothing else. And that’s a sign of maturity, to me, in a weird, corny way, but I like it an awful lot.”

The cover artwork for “Sol Invictus” can be seen below.