EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee has told in a new interview that there are no plans for the band to record new material, but that EVANESCENCE may play more shows next year.

EVANESCENCE will re-emerge next month after a three-year hiatus with select, intimate concerts in Nashville, Dallas and Los Angeles. The influential, Grammy-winning band last performed live in November of 2012.

“I am definitely working and making music with every intention of people hearing it at this point,” Lee tells “I don’t know the plan with EVANESCENCE. I don’t have any news or plans for new EVANESCENCE, but new music for me, for sure.”

Lee also explained why EVANESCENCE is playing shows leading up to the band’s November 21 appearance at Ozzfest Japan in Tokyo. “We got offered to do Ozzfest Japan in the beginning of the year, so I was like ‘Let’s say yes to that,'” she said. “I just added the three U.S. dates on to it so we could get a little practice before doing a big gig where everything is out of your control. It will be good to see the fans again. I’m going to be keeping my eye open to us for more opportunities. Like probably next year.”

EVANESCENCE recently parted ways with guitarist Terry Balsamo and replaced him with Germany’s Jen Majura.

The last EVANESCENCE album, a self-titled effort, came out in 2011.