Krisis Productions proudly presents, DESTROYER 666, for two shows that will haunt you, for years to come. Being quite famous for their ferocious on stage presence and having a new record out, entitled “Wildfire”, we can’t expect anything less, than hellish heavy metal!

Friday October 7th, 2016 at Kyttaro, Athens and Saturday October 8th, 2016 at 8ball Club, Thessaloniki.

Together with them on stage, four incredible live acts, SLAUGHTERED PRIEST and SKULL KORAPTOR in Athens, and WAR DEVICE together with NATVRE’S in Thessaloniki,  promise to set everything on fire.

Ticket info:
12€ (Limited early bird 100pcs)
15€ (Presale price after September 11th, 2016 or after “early bird” tickets sold out)
20€ (Price front door)

You can find your tickets to the following places.

In Athens:

Eat metal,Trikoupi 45, Exarheia – 213 0378553
Metal Era,Emmanouil Mpenaki – 210 3304133
No Remorse,Gamveta 4             – 210 3830981

In Thessaloniki:
Τicket House (Musicland) , Mitropoleos 102 – 2310 264880
Empire (House of DVD) , Konstantinou Palaiologou 15 , 2310 231983 (+free porn movie DVD for every ticket purchase!)
Nephilim Store, Patriarhou Ioakeim 17.

via internet (paypal or credit/debit cards) :

Destroyer 666