United Rock Nations recently conducted an interview with guitarist Andreas Kisser of Brazilian/American metallers SEPULTURA. You can now watch the chat below.

Speaking about the band’s new album, “Machine Messiah”, Kisser said: “We’re very happy about it. We work very hard to do an album like this. We wanted to really explore our musicianship, play the best that we could. Of course, Eloy Casagrande, our drummer, brought a lot of new possibilities to our music, to my guitar writing and to bass and to vocals and everything. And we really wanted to do something different. Because we travel so much, we have the privilege to visit so many different places and to go and meet new people and, you know, ideas are always flowing in our heads.”

He continued: “It was really cool to go to Sweden as well to work with Jens Bogren, a great producer — very different from every other producer that we worked [with] before. And the people are really listening to the album.

“On this [European] tour [with KREATOR], we are playing a lot of new songs — we are playing five new songs in an hour set, which is a lot for a band with thirty-three years of a career. But that’s our intention — really to present the new stuff, ‘Machine Messiah’, the new album. It is like a storyline going on. Every song’s very different from each other. We wanted to build this album atmosphere. The cover is very colorful. It shows the diversity of our music, introducing violins from Tunisia for the first time, and among a lot of other different details. Derrick [Green, vocals] is singing more.”

According to Kisser, the response from the SEPULTURA fans to the new album “has been amazing — very positive — and it’s great that our fans really grow together with us.” He added: “Of course, you have the haters and stuff, and we welcome them. [Laughs] They are a part of the SEPULTURA fanbase, because they listen to SEPULTURA, they talk shit about SEPULTURA, but they are listening to our music. But it’s great. Overall, it’s been an overwhelming response, [so] we are very, very happy and motivated.”

“Machine Messiah” was released on January 13 via Nuclear Blast. The disc was produced by the band and Jens Bogren (SOILWORK, OPETH, KATATONIA, AMON AMARTH) of Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. The CD’s cover artwork was created by Filipino artist Camille Della Rosa.