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DEFTONES: Previously Unreleased Song ‘Smile’ Featuring CHI CHENG Posted Online

DEFTONES have posted their previously unreleased song "Smile", from the shelved album "Eros", on YouTube on Sunday (April 13) to commemorate the first anniversary of the passing of the band's bassist Chi Cheng. Check out the track below. DEFTONES singer Chino Moreno said last year that he believes that the band should and will release "Eros", the album it recorded before Cheng was left in a semi-comatose state by a car accident in November 2008. Although Moreno was not sure if the disc would ever surface, his feelings have changed since Cheng's death. Moreno told MTV Hive, "I get asked about that record a lot. For a while, I was giving the same answer, 'No, no, no, no, no, no, no.' After Chi's passing, I went back and listened to some of the record and it was a pretty intense experience to say the least." Moreno added, "I think it should be released, but we don't have any definite plans. There's some work to do on it. DEFTONES have been moving forward in a strong, positive motion, so for us to stop and reflect on something five years ago, I don't know if we're ready for that." But he also said, "It is a special thing for us: it's the last thing Chi played on. It will see the light of day. I just don't know when." Cheng performed on DEFTONES' first five albums, with his last released work being on 2006's "Saturday Night Wrist". Bassist Sergio Vega played on "Diamond Eyes" and the most recent DEFTONES disc, "Koi No Yokan".

DEFTONES Begins Writing New Material

DEFTONES singer Chino Moreno has confirmed that the band has begun working on music for its eighth studio album. He told Soundwave TV last week: "I haven't personally started [writing new songs], but the other guys started last week, actually. So I'm excited to hear what they've done so far. I'm gonna check in with them next week." He continued: "When we make records, we don't plan on what kind of record we're gonna make; we never have. It's, like, we react to each other; one guy starts playing something and then the other guy reacts to it and the other guys reacts to it, and then, next thing we know, we have a song. I always think that's the best, organic way to write music, because you're not actually thinking about… Like, we don't have a gameplan as far as what kind of record or what it's supposed to sound like. As long as it's good, as long as we're happy and feeling it, what we're doing, it's worked for us over the years." Moreno himself just moved to Oregon, while drummer Abe Cunningham and keyboardist Frank Delgado remain in the band's hometown of Sacramento. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter lives in Los Angeles and bassist Sergio Vega is based in New York City. DEFTONES spent much of 2013 on the road behind their seventh album, "Koi No Yokan", which debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard album chart in November 2012 and yielded the Top Two rock radio single "Tempest".

DEFTONES Frontman’s CROSSES Project: ‘Bitches Brew’ Video Released

"Bitches Brew", the new video from ††† (CROSSES) — DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno's project with FAR guitarist Shaun Lopez — can be seen below. The song comes off ††† (CROSSES)'s self-titled full-length debut, which will be released on February 11, 2014 via Sumerian Records. The CD will include the songs from ††† (CROSSES)'s two previously released EPs — 2011's "†" and 2012's "††", along with five new tracks.

DEFTONES Have Learned To Take Important Breaks From Touring

David Deco Oosthuizen of The Metal Review conducted an interview with DEFTONES members Frank Delgado (turntables, keyboards) and Sergio Vega (bassist) prior to the band's August 10 performance at the Oppikoppi Festival 2013 in South Africa. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. The Metal Review: Tell us about what's been happening with the band since your latest album, "Koi No Yokan", launched back in November 2012. Frank: Well, our touring schedule has been hectic, of course, but we have learned after many years to take some important breaks more frequently as needed. We all have family, so these breaks are more important perhaps than in our younger years, so it all works out. Sergio: For me, regular time home helps to balance all the important things in our lives. For "Diamond Eyes", for instance, we used to do three months solid touring runs, which were awesome, as we were tight and cooking as a band, but it did create a sense of distance with our families, so balance is very important. The Metal Review: Guys I have to ask, with the tragic passing of Chi Cheng on April 13, years after his 2008 accident which left him in a coma, it obviously affected you as a band. How have you managed to cope and come to terms with this sad event when it comes to the writing of new material? Frank: For us, the creative process and our music are organic and when we get into the st

DEFTONES Frontman Says Shelved ‘Eros’ Album Will Finally See Light Of Day

DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno says that it is now more likely than ever before that the band's shelved 2008 album "Eros" will see the light of day. In late 2008, the group was putting the finishing touches on the CD when their bassist, Chi Cheng, suffered major injuries and was left in a coma following a November 2008 car crash in Santa Clara, California. After the accident, DEFTONES decided to scrap the project and later recruited Sergio Vega, formerly of QUICKSAND, to play bass. They have released two albums since.