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Chicago-based VEIL OF MAYA has re-signed with Sumerian Records, the label which the band has called its home since the group's inception. This comes on the heels of the band releasing the brand new, blistering track, "Subject Zero", which can be streamed in theYouTube clip below. The song will be available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon MP3 on November 11. Don't miss VEIL OF MAYA on its North American fall tour starting November 8 withSTRUCTURES, NORTHLANE, VILDHJARTA and HERE COMES THE KRAKEN. VEIL OF MAYA states: "We are very happy to re-sign with Sumerian Records. We have built a long-lasting relationship with the people there, and believe that they are stronger than ever. We couldn't see our band going anywhere else after our history, so therefore Sumerian has been and will continue to be the label the band calls home. "As a band, we feel like we have grown tremendously. We are all ready, focused and want to put out the hardest material possible. "The new stuff that has been written is some of the best Veil yet. "We are really excited to see everyone out on our next headlining tour. We feel this tour is a great mix of bands, most of which haven't been to America before, so let's make sure they feel welcomed here. "We are stoked for everyone to hear the new track we just released and see what we have been preparing. "Expect a new VEIL OF MAYA full-length album in 2014 via Sumerian Records." Added Sumerian founder Ash Avildsen: "For years, VEIL OF MAYA has been a flagship heavy band for Sumerian and continues to play a crucial role in our progressive metal movement. I am very grateful and excited to have such a talented, hard-working and sagacious group of dudes in the family for many more years to come." VEIL OF MAYA's third full-length album, "Eclipse", was released in February 2012 viaSumerian Records. Produced by djent hero Misha Mansoor of PERIPHERY, the CD was previously described in a press release as "a stunningly concise yet diverse metal record, packed full of death-metal chops, tech-metal grooves, progressive arrangements and hardcore rip-yer-throat-out attitude."

CATTLE DECAPITATION To Release ‘Your Disposal’ 7″ Single

San Diego-based deathgrind masters CATTLE DECAPITATION will release a seven-inch single this summer. "Your Disposal" features the B-side "An Exposition of Insides", which was previously available only as a Japanese bonus track on the band's most recent album, "Monolith Of Inhumanity". The single is available (both black and clear vinyl) for order on-line for $5.50, as well as in a bundle with a t-shirt for $18.99. Fans attending this year's Summer Slaughter Tour can grab their copy at the band's merch booth throughout the tour. Vocalist Travis Ryan comments: "We noticed a lot of people were dismayed to find out there was a track available out there on a Japanese version of 'Monolith Of Inhumanity' that nobody outside of Japan had ever heard before. When it hit YouTube, that's when we started getting emails from fans. We noticed the lyrics weren't inside that version or available anywhere at all so that gave us the idea of throwing it on a B-side and releasing a 7" vinyl single for 'Your Disposal' with the song 'An Exposition Of Insides'! We feel that 'Monolith' is the mother of all of our releases so far and I thought it'd be funny to make it look like she just squirted out a baby and that's what this little guy looks like. Just in time for Summer Slaughter!" The most extreme tour of the year has returned with its most devastating and anticipated lineup yet. The seventh annual Summer Slaughter Tour, presented by Indie Merch Store, ESP and Guitar World, is now officially slated to run from July 19 through August 24. It features such heavyweights as THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, ANIMALS AS LEADERS,PERIPHERY, NORMA JEAN, CATTLE

Interview: The Ocean (Robin Staps)

After the recent release of "Pelagial" and right after the end of a long and successful tour with Cult of Luna, The Ocean’s guitarist and main creator of "Pelagial" Robin Staps takes some time off and talks to Metalpaths about the new album (giving information about its concept and production), his last touring experiences, the record company he is now running and the future of the band...