Walls Of Jericho, Cataract
Against The Society, Grain Of Sense, Overdose
Texas Necropolis, Athens, Greece

Somehow it seems to me that the only correct expression to describe the show is “fucking epic”. It has also been extremely anticipated, speeches like “Hey Walls Of Jericho are coming” been circulating for some moths now and truth to be told Michigan’s metalcore triumphants are one of the most wanted names worldwide. So those of us who have witnessed the gig basically can be considered lucky bastards. Even sweeter, Cataract were also visiting us for the first time to prove that some really angry and ready-to-kick-asses bands from Switzerland do exist.

Volos hardcore four-piece Against The Society had the difficult task of warming up the crowd as a first support band. And they did it well. Back in December 2008 at Have Heart gig they already showed their skills, this time they did it even better. Boys were flinging catchy breakdowns, angry lyrics, ballsy attitude and to be mentioned their wickedly energetic singer that was 2-stepping and jumping around the stage during the whole set. As a result the audience was zealously headbanging and swinging hands to the beat. Die Without singer Jim got onstage to perform “Brothers United”, a track that reflects the kind of relationship between both bands – true friendship and support.

Grain Of Sense – metalcore upstarts from Thessaloniki, followed. But unfortunately they couldn’t deliver the same boost of craziness and amusement that Against The Society did. They haven’t been around for a while, probably recording new songs, “Weather The Storm” that they performed is one of those. The set was played kinda flabby, yet it was a good try considering their young age and performing experience.

Last supporter was Overdose from Thessaloniki as well, they’re playing experimental metalcore. Things went pretty smoothly for them, “Beyond Hope Of Salvation”, “Cursed Aflamed” plus a couple other tracks completed their performance which can be generally characterized as enjoyable to see and hear. Once finished they left us pleased without being either disturbingly persistent nor “lol already gone?”. Nice job.

After a short break lights pierced the darkness to reveal the fact that Cataract are ready to smack us down with that furious thrash influenced metalcore. Not only frontman Fedi but the rest of the band as well is the embodiment of absolute brutality and mind-blowing volcanic power at the same time. We expected them back in December at Bury Your Dead gig, which eventually was cancelled, so it was a pretty pleasant surprise seeing them with Walls Of Jericho. Boys weren’t wasting a minute on bullshit talking and started the slaughter.

Track after track the crowd was getting more and more nuts and trust me if moshing and unorthodox fighting were Olympic sports then most of those psychos would totally take the gold. “Tongues Spitting Hate”, “Denial Of Life”, “Snake Skin” along with a pair of another well sick songs and that sweet “Eukarísto” in between were enough to make us truly admire those dudes. For those who like their music off the wall and their heads banging like there’s no tomorrow this fucking owned.

It’s always so intense seeing band members getting their instruments ready, mic checking, walking around here and there. So when Candace gets on stage the “getting-crazy” button is already pushed. It all started quite peaceful with the “The New Ministry” intro but in the second of first “Trigger Full Of Promises” chords it was already too late for those not ready for an arse-kick of a lifetime to get out the crowd.

Candace wasn’t even on stage, she was literally standing in the audience leaning against metal fence and random body parts, yet when she stepped on it, it was just to drink a bit of water in songs break or to jump to another side of the stage. Energetic much you say? I say multiply it by 4 – if the drummer could play drums without sitting he would’ve been racing around, hopping and swinging instruments just like the rest of the band.

The sound was together overwhelming and penetrating, I’m pretty much sure that if Candace’s microphone switched off for a while her voice would still beat the shit out of everyone. Amazing set contained 12 songs including newies like “The American Dream”, “Feeding Frenzy”, “The Prey” (to be found on “The American Dream”) along with all-loved oldies “I Know Hollywood And You Ain’t It”, “All Hail The Dead”, “Playing Soldier Again”.

The vastness of fanatic feedback is probably too gigantic to describe, just to mention the fact that there were a bunch of diehards on stage during the whole show jumping in and out the audience. Sending every last person in streets with a smile on their face, a spring in their step, and a bunch of what’s called “a hell of a song” in their hearts, Walls Of Jericho can indeed be considered a brilliant band. After the show all band members were signing t-shirts and tickets, taking pictures and talking to everyone being incredibly social and friendly.

What more can be said? One word : DOPE!

Marga Rarity.

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