Block33, Thessaloniki, Greece

For once more since 2004, when they first came to our country, the American heavy metal pioneers W.A.S.P visited our country in terms of their latest tour for their newest release entitled ”Babylon”. This album showed a renewed and refreshed face of the band and once again, fans were there to see the group performing some new ones and of course, the old time classic live favorites.

The time was 10 o’clock sharp, when legendary Blackie Lawless and his partners entered the stage, with the sounds of the little instrumental ”Mephisto Waltz” started breaking the silence, shortly before ”On Your Knees” tore the air apart. Then, followed by ”The Real Me”, we started feeling that sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. We knew what to wait and all we had to do was enjoy the flowing of the music. ”All I need is my L.O.V.E. Machineeeeeee” said Blackie and the first screams of enthusiasm started taking place, before they played the first song off their new album called ”Crazy”, just to be followed by another new one, ”Babylon Burning”. Very good duo that kept the energy rolling, but it was time for one of the five best songs of all times: ”Wild Child”.

The permanent spinechiller in every W.A.S.P. show remains untouched by time,25 years almost after its release. ”The Hellion” was next, a good surprise, not something we hadn’t heard before, but still a welcomed one. ”I Don’t Need No Doctor”, was the interlude before the Americans start presenting songs from the colossal ”The Crimson Idol”. ”Arena Of Pleasure” was the first, followed by ”Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue) ” and then came the most emotional moment with ”The Idol”.

Speechless as we were left, we witnessed Blackie to feel it in every note, how couldn’t he after all? ”Take Me Up” was next, another mellow and balladlike one, ideal before ”I Wanna Be Somebody” brought new frenzy to the crowd. That was the one to close the first set, and there was also an encore with ”Heaven Hung In Black” and of course (which else…) ”Blind In Texas”.

The show was over, the fans were satisfied, the band was direct and honest and we all left with a smile on our faces. A true worth in heavy metal as they are, W.A.S.P. seem to show in good shape, something that makes us be optimistic about their future, as long as it’s gonna last. Until next time, we’re blind in Thessaloniki!

Aggelos “Redneck” Katsouras.