Red Fang, Lord 13, Phase Reverse
An Club, Athens, Greece

I think it was pretty predictable, before such an event, to found me 2 hours before the gig outside An club drinking my ass off! I mean come on we re talking about a show with three bands which are made to be heard with beer as your only friend so who am I to disagree?

A dozen of empty cans later I decided to enter as the first heavy notes of Phase Reverse begun to hit loudly. This trio has an amazing power. Really killer riffs and heavy tones, their sound is very familiar to black label society. Excellent performance from these guys really hope to see them once more. Next in line the stoneheads Lord 13. The crowd was really excited as they are making a huge success with their latest release “2013”. I personally think they become better and better after each performance and they proved me correct once more. Amazing guitar solos, accentuated by a heavy and strong rhythm section. These guys surely know how to rock!

Now the place was overcrowded. Red Fang get up on stage, tuned, got ready make a gentleman handshake before beginning to blow up our minds! Everyone was completely ecstatic and I think they didn’t expect such a reaction! Starting with “Reversed Thunder”, Red Fang clearly show their intention: play as loud as fuck!! Song after song they seemed to play louder and louder, the crowd went berserk, and the whole thing was an strong booze party with beer flying around in every corner! What is great about this band is that they achieve to give the impression of playing simple, light stuff although they perform brilliantly and with complexity! The only negative part was due to the bad sound at some moments where you couldn’t really distinguished the notes and voices but in a normal expected way for such a place. They play approximately one hour including their more famous songs from their funny videos. With a later discussion with David Sullivan they were filming for a documentary their about to make about their tour in Europe and they really enjoyed playing here with such a crazy audience. I’m pretty sure we’ll see them again soon!

Setlist :

Reverse Thunder
Dirt Wizard
Bird On Fire
Painted Parade
Into The Eye
Humans Remain Human Remains
Good To Die
Number Thirteen
Prehistoric Dog
Hank Is Dead
Throw Up

Suicide (Dust cover)

Report: Logan Chevet.