Moonspell  // Stage Volume 1, Athens, Greece // 24.05.2014

Moonspell are considered one of the most influential bands of Europe. In their music genre, along with Paradise Lost, they created a style that would characterize many gothic metal bands in the future. ‘Wolfheart’ and ‘Irreligious’ are the band’s first two records and their more classic ones till far. The two records are a total must-have for all those into the specific music genre and have actually influenced a great number of bands in the black metal genre as well.

DSC_1688Moonspell decided to tour and perform the whole two records (‘Wolfheart’, ‘Irreligious’) in a special show which they named ‘The Night of the Wolf’. Athens couldn’t be left out of their destinations, as the band will be performing on 24th of May in Stage Volume 1. The band will be performing without a support group, ready to give life into the records which made them the band they are today. The fans couldn’t be happier for this concert, as they will be able to watch every single hit-song be presented in front of them.

Due to the Champion’s league football game, the band was forced to start their show around midnight. This is not a particularly a negative point, however I should honestly disapprove the fact that many of the fans came early to a concert venue to watch the finals, as well as the transmission of the game by those who organized the concert. Metalheads of Greece: Keep your football pride home, concert venues are for music and only!

When Moonspell walked on stage, all of a sudden the night became brighter, just like under the full moon. With a great energy and a great sound ( I loved the sound of the drums, they shook the whole body during the double pedal drum lines), the show started with the record ‘Wolfheart’  and the venue was filled with their raw, aggressive and primitive gothic metal.


We had the chance to watch Moonspell performing songs like ‘Vampiria’,  ‘ Love Crimes’, ‘Trebaruna’, songs which are considered as the band’s most favorable. Mariangela, the vocalist from Tristania joined the band to perform the female, backing vocals and I must say that I was impressed from her vocal range, even though she only sang backing vocals.

The keyboardist of Moonspell did an amazing work, presenting the keyboard’s fillers of the record; I just loved the way the music got combined all together, with an excellent sound and professionalism. During the faster songs like ‘Of Dream and Drama’, the crowd got crazy, singing the lyrics and interacting with the band.

After a two-minute break, the time for the band to perform ‘Irreligious’ has come. Just right with their debut album, the band performed the whole record (Along with ‘Herr Spiegelmann’). The songs were presented as perfectly as in the first part of their set and the band performed songs which they usually don’t include into their setlists. Fernando’s voice is still as powerful as it was during the recording sections of ‘Wolfheart’ and ‘Irreligious’! Right after the ending of ‘Irreligious’, the band returned under people’s demand and performed two more songs. Those songs were ‘Everything Invaded’ and ‘Scorpion Flower’.

The night ended in the best way, with the crowd still thirsty about more show. I could only congratulate all those who worked hard to deliver the marvelous outcome. It was the best Moonspell show in Athens for sure. The Night of the Wolf was a night to remember.

Report: Kwstas Tsotsanis
Photos: Sofia Theodorou


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