Kadavar, 45rats // AN Club, Athens, Greece // 30.11.2014

What is more pleasing than three bearded guys, rocking the stage with their vintage rock songs? Three bearded guys, rocking the stage with their vintage rock songs along with a talented stoner/dessert rock band, which rose from Greece’s stoner rock scene. That’s exactly what theDSC_3198 fans that walked to AN Club on the last day of November experienced, seeking to enjoy another Kadavar show. The band who supported Kadavar was 45rats, who rocked Greece last year with their second record, ‘Electric’.

Without unnecessary delays, the show started with 45Rats who had previously opened the Kadavar’s show in Thessaloniki, one day before the show in Athens. The band presented many songs from their last record, as well as material which they have not played ever on stage, if I heard their guitarist’s words during the show right. Their sound was great, rocking around with their electric anthems and warming everybody up for the main act. Their guitarist Chef also performed the harmonica’s parts on stage, which is rather awesome in my opinion. The guys were perfect, I just couldn’t find anything bad to mention and everyone had fun during the 45Rats set, moving their heads which followed the band’s rhythm.

Those who participated in Kadavar’s show in Thessaloniki the day before claimed that the band was explosive during their set. The show in Athens justified this rather popular opinion. The band started their show and programmed to perform around twelve songs, including songs from both their records. We had the chance DSC_3299to hear many songs such as ‘Black Sun’, ‘Doomsday Machine’ or ‘Into the Night’, plus one cover from Aqua Nebula Oscillator (‘Broken Wings’). Their sound started off poorly, but it got better after a couple of songs. The vocals were, actually, the main issue, but they got louder as well. Too much fuzzy guitars or over-distorted ones are usually responsible for this vocal overdubbing, but that was not a big problem at all.

The crowd was ecstatic, enjoying every note that came out from the speakers. The band got everyone lost in their spacey stoner rock, with their look to remind us of the vintage era of the mighty seventies. Kadavar was energetic, alive and really professional as they had worked out every detail of their show. That’s the main reason that despite the fact that the show took place in Sunday, the fans almost filled the whole venue.

Once again I would like to thank Catch the Soap production s for arranging the show and giving Kadavar the chance to present their newest material on stage. The show was not a perfect one, due to some sound issues, but rather a memorable and great one, with both bands having worked hard to deliver a special outcome.

Report: Kostas Tsotsanis
Photos: Sofia Theodorou

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