Entombed A.D., Soulskinner, For A Dozen Matters // AN Club, Athens, Greece // 12.12.2014

Another Friday night takes us to An Club in the centre of Athens. Entombed, one of the forefathers of Swedish
Death metal alongside with Grave, Dismember, Unleashed, is coming to town renamed to Entombed AD after problems with their long-time guitarist Alex Hellid, but still ready to tear down the house with their crushing classics off “Left Hand Path” and “Clandestine” as well as “Back To The Front” their first album as Entombed AD. Supported by For A Dozen Matters and Soulskinner, this night was ideal for an old school Death metal fan.

For A Dozen Matters were the first ones to hit the stage, and entertained people with their Death N Roll stuff, in the vein of the later Entombed stuff. Couldn’t imagine a more fitting band to warm up this whole event, since they were well received by the audience who applauded them.

Up next Gothmog’s Death metal band, Soulskinner. One of the bands that are made to kick asses live, Death fuckin metal in the vein of Vader and Malevolent Creation, ripping of headbangers heads in their way. We heard songs off their new album “Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom” (“The Captive Trojan Maiden”, “Life In Bane”, “The Price Of War”, “Our Greatest Curse”, “The Furies Hymn”, “Deadlands pt.1”) and the previous one “Non-Stop Killing” (“Echoes Of Sickness”, “Not My God”) giving us a killer warm up for what the rest of the night had in store.


And the time has come for the headliners, the ones that caused my neck to nearly crack: Entombed AD! The band started with “Kill To Live” off “Back To The Front” and the crowd was whipped into a headbanging frenzy, showing that they are in the best mood possible. Something that was made evident by their communication with the crowd and the jokes with the fans and between the band members. We heard songs from the “Back To The Front” debut (“Pandemic Rage”, “Second to None”, “Waiting For Death”), “Left Hand Path” (“Revel In Flesh”, “Supposed To Rot”, “Left Hand Path”, “Abnormally Deceased”), “Clandestine” (“Living Dead”, “Dying Breed”, “Chaos Breed”, “Stranger Aeons”), “Wolverine Blues” (“Eyemaster”, “Out Of Hand”, “Demon”, “Wolverine Blues”), “To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth” (“To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth”, “Damn Deal Done”), “Morning Star” (“Chief Rebel Angel”, “I For An Eye”) and “Hollowman” EP (“Serpent Screech”). Also we have to point out that Johan Edlund of Tiamat was there to attend the show, as it’s common for Swedish bands to complete support each other. Another example of how great scenes are built around the globe. After about an hour and a half, Entombed left everybody with a huge smile on their faces as well as a sore neck from headbanging! Till next time thanks to Playfalse for bringing them on, and support such actions as much as possible. Cheers!

Report: John Savvidis
Photos & Video: Sofia Theodorou

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