Malevolent Creation, Grave, Soulskinner // AN Club, Athens, Greece // 11.11.2015

Wednesday night marked the beginning of the “Death Raids Over Europe” tour for the Swedish legends Grave and the American counterparts Malevolent Creation, both with kick ass albums out (“Out Of Respect For The Dead” and “Dead Man’s Path”, you can read more on the upcoming Metalpaths double interview).

One of the most expected Death metal events of the year, opened by the old school Deathsters Soulskinner! With their Malevolent-Creation-meets-Vader approach to their Death metal sound they mostly played stuff of their album “Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom” and warmed up our necks for good! This was the 3rd or 4th time I had the chance to see them playing live and they were simply great (had to buy the album to support them as well), one of the most quality old school bands of the scene. Gothmog is well known for his vocals from Mortify/Thou Art Lord and so on and keeps on delivering the goods on stage.

DSC_6446Grave (with half an hour delay which was inexcusable, since everything seemed set) yet they immediately cut to the chase with “You’ll Never See…” (HEAVEEEEEEEEEN!) and “Passion Of The Weak” off “Endless Procession Of Souls”. We also heard songs off “Out Of Respect For The Dead” (“Plain Pine Box”, “Mass Grave Mass” and the title track) “Into The Grave (“In Love”, “Into The Grave”, “Inhuman”), “Soulless” (the title track, “Bullets Are Mine”, “And Here I Die…”), “You’ll Never See…” (“Morbid Way To Die”). The band, even though they arrived in Greece that very morning were in a great mood and shared picks with everybody in the front row!


At around 22:30 the bells chimed for the “Coronation Of Our Domain” off “Retribution” which came in full-speed to start the Death metal mayhem the way them Florida folks do it! We also heard songs off “Dead Man’s Path” (“Blood Of The Fallen”, “Imperium (Kill Force Rising)”, “Corporate Weaponry”), “Eternal” (“Blood Brothers”, “Infernal Desire”, “Living In Fear”), “Invidious Dominion” (“Antagonized”), “Retribution” (“Eve Of The Apocalypse”), “The Ten Commandments” (“Injected Sufferage”, “Multiple Stab Wounds”) and their underrated classic “Stillborn” (“Dominated Resurgency”). As I’ve seen during the soundcheck and all the days even before the shows were booked, the guys looked extra psyched to play in front of the Greek audience, and we didn’t let them down, giving them the warmest of welcomes in a jam packed An Club on a Wednesday night (people of every age, had work to do the morning after, be it school or jobs). Stagedives, moshing and insane fans screaming their lungs out!

After “Eve Of The Apocalypse” the lights went on at An Club and everybody had a big smile on their faces showing that no matter the day of the week, metal is all that fuckin’ matters in the end! Well done to Krisis Productions for the event and we can’t wait to see those two again live!!

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