Sisters Of Mercy, Mani Deum // Gazi Music Hall, Athens, Greece // 06.12.2015

Growing up your first musical hearings become something unique inside you. Something very personal and untouchable like legends. One of those legends visited us a few days ago. SISTERS OF MERCY is the musical expression of Andrew Eldritch. A very eccentric but talented guy.

While entering the Gazi Music Hall I was amazed by the place. I wish In the future to watch more live events there. Now I’ve never heard before Mani Deum and for that I will whip myself forever. They prefer to describe their music as infected folk ‘n roll. And whether you agree or not these guys create beautiful music. They have a lot of influences but the mixing and the way they present their music is all theirs. I don’t want to describe their music because my knowledge is limited to this kind but I would strongly recommend to check them out wright away. For almost an hour they made an incredible appearance and from the audience screams we surely enjoyed them a lot!!

Now the Music Hall was amazingly full. The hour was 10:30 and the smoke machines made the place extremely fogy. And finally the time had come. SISTERS OF MERCY finally on stage and live. And playing my favorite song of them “More”. Andrew’s voice was in great shape regardless his latest illness. And the party continued with “Ribbons”, “crash And Burn”, “Doctor Jeep/ Detonation Boulevard”, “Body Electric”, “Amphetamine Logic”, “Alice”, “Arms”, “No Time To Cry” (another loved one), “Gift That Shines” (cover), “Dominion/Mother Russia”, “Summer”, “Jihad”(cover), “Valentine” and “Flood II”. At the whole time mastermind Eldritch was in constantly movement, singing with his particular ,and loved from us, way.

But this was not the end. Not by far. The band (Eldritch, the 2 guitarists and mr Avalance the drum machine) came out again and gave us a mini best of. “Something Fast”, “Lucretia My Reflection”, “Vision Thing” for the first encore to make us babbling like fools and dancing even worse. And “First And Last And Always”, Temple Of Love” and “This Corrosion” for the second encore leaving us wondering how the hell the time has passed so fast!!

As I said in the beginning mr. Eldritch is a very talented guy but also eccentric person and you could say that watching him on stage. How he moved, how he sings and by his facial expressions. He is an amazing performer and gives to his band his essence so that the result can be as unique as him. As for me, another dream came true. To watch a live show from SISTERS OF MERCY. I can surely thank my father for brought their music to my ears. Hopefully until next time…..cheers boys and girls!! 8XBET KUBET 188BET kubet kubet88 kubet77 kubet11 kubet casino tải kubet kubet đăng nhập đăng nhập kubet kubet mobile kubet79 kubet86 kubet win kubet kim kubet888 đăng ký kubet dang nhap kubet link kubet kubet 11 thabet và kubet dang ky kubet kubet 77 kubet 88 game kubet trang chủ kubet link vào kubet kubet thien ha kubet ku casino kubet online kubet 86 kubet99 tại kubet kubet3 kubet789 kubet 69 kubet thiên hạ tải kubet ios kubet 868 kubet 89 kubet79 me kubet ac kubet 79 kubet official kubet365 kubet link kubet 24h kubet 777 kubet 18 kubet 711 kubet lừa đảo kubet bet thienhabet kubet kubet 365 kubet999 kubet88 đăng nhập casino kubet trang kubet kubet 888 kubet 111 tải kubet casino kubet7 download kubet kubet vip kubet tải kubet casino nét kubet bị bắt kubet dang nhap kubet tha tha kubet kubet download kubet apk tải game kubet link đăng nhập kubet nha cai kubet ku casino kubet kubet nét tải kubet vip kubet khuyến mãi vao kubet kubet88 casino kubet88 win tại kubet 88 hỗ trợ kubet kubet viêt kubet pro link đăng ký kubet kubet online nét đại lý kubet bị bắt kubet android chơi kubet link tải kubet kubet7777 vào kubet thien ha kubet kubet24 kubet 68 kubet dv vnkubet kubet cho iphone ku777 kubet