Candlemass // Piraeus Academy, Thessaloniki, Greece // 12.02.2016

I have to admit one thing while writing this report; I recently got deeper into CANDLEMASS‘ music, so I might not be considered an experienced listener in contrary with the majority of the fans at the show. However, that didn’t stop me when heading down to Piraeus Academy that Friday night, to see the doom metal Gods performing, in a slightly different way of celebrating their 30th anniversary: without the signature figure of Leif Edling, with Mats Leven (also known from Krux and Gus G) on vocals replacing Robert Lowe (Solitude Aeternus) who had left the band some time prior. But let’s see what the night had in store.

In comes the “Marche Funebre” intro off “Nightfall” followed by “The Prophecy”/”Dark Reflections” off “Tales Of Creation” and “Bewitched” off “Nightfall”, with Mats showing why he should be the actual replacement for both Robert Lowe and Messiah Marcolin. His voice is versatile and he’s a talented crowd pleaser, something that every bands’ frontman has to have.


We heard songs from almost all Candlemass albums that night, executed to perfection: “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” (“Sorcerer’s Pledge”, “Solitude”, “Under The Oak”, “Crystal Ball”), “Nightfall” (“At The Gallows End”, writers favorite Candlemass song), “Ancient Dreams” (“Mirror Mirror”, “A Cry From The Crypt”), “Chapter VI” (“The Dying Illusion”), “King Of The Grey Islands” (“Emperor Of The Void”) and “Psalm Of The Dead” (“Prophet”).

The reunion self-titled album with Messiah in 2005 was omitted, as well as “Dactylis Glomerata”, “Death Magic Doom” and “From The 13th Sun”. But one can’t really complain, they were a lot of surprises for long-time Candlemass fans. Despite that, the night went on smoothly and the crowd was very enthusiastic in almost every song being played.

CANDLEMASS may have come to Greece after the strong blow of Leif Edling taking a year off from touring, but they still know how to wreck our necks and send shivers up and down our spines. I won’t forget the moment when the audience chanted “At The Gallows End” louder than Mats who eventually left it all to the audience! A huge horns up to Candlemass on my part, and I can’t wait to listen to a new album with Mats Leven on vocals! Hail!

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