Megadeth // Piraeus Academy, Athens, Greece // 05.07.2016

Warning what follows is a short conversation between a diehard Megafan (also a childhood friend) and myself.

– Me: “Hello my friend are you going to see Megadeth?
– Paul: “Please don’t ask those things. I never ever missed a live show of them here.

I could go on with what we’ve said next but I only wanted to focus on that statement alone. On 5th of July 2016 was the sixth time that MEGADETH visited Greece and Athens. My friend never missed one live show of them and for me was my third time I’ve watched them. I’m definitely sure that they are more crazy fans out there but growing up with this guy and watching him and me and the band yesterday I can surely understand why this love only grows stronger.

Now we all know that they have been many times that the mouth of Big Dave surpasses his music. You can hate him for what he says (maybe) and you can love him for his music. I know now that loving him for what he has created is much, much stronger and I think that’s the way it should only be!


Twenty minutes after 9 MEGADETH hit the stage with “Hangar 18”. Yes that’s right. My most favorite song of them. And all hell broke loose!! Mosh pits forming like tornados (of souls) and no matter age headbanging brings old good memories (if only cameras and selfie sticks could disappear). Then a new song “The Threat Is Real” and yes Dystopia is a good MEGADETH album after all.


“Tornado of souls” follows (dedicated to Nick Menza) and from there on all became blur. Another new song “Poisonous Shadows” and then “Wake Up Dead”. It’s difficult to describe what happened. All I remember is headbanging my ass off and screaming out the lyrics along with a couple of thousand and more fans. And yes with “In My Darkest Hour” tears came out, with “She-Wolf”, “Post American World”, “Sweating Bullets” (fuck yeah) and “Trust” following the night was evolving extremely awesome!! “Dawn Patrol” and “Poison Was The Cure” made our necks hurt even more and after “Dystopia”…“Symphony Of Destruction”, “Peace Sells….” and “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” followed to finish us off.


I could go on and describe the feelings the memories and the situations some songs remind you as you grow up with a band’s music. But this is private stuff and I’m sure each one that was yesterday and above an age has his or her own memories. As for the younger fans it was a great opportunity to make some of their own and keep them as a treasure.

MEGADETH came, we saw them, and they conquered us once more!! Can’t wait for the next time!

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Photos: C.Alossi Photography