The third studio album of the super group Tomahawk is now a fact. The album released on 19 July 2007 from the Ipecac Recordings with a remarkable change in the composition of members of group as the bass player of group Kevin Rutmanis(ex bass player of Melvins)left the group during the recording of the disk for unknown reasons. The group continued the perfection of the disk with Mike Patton(ex singer of Faith No More) John Stanier(ex Drummer of Helmet)and Duane Denison(ex guitarist of Jesus Lizard)who after the walkout of Kevin Rutmanis apart from the duties of guitarist also got the duties of bass player for the perfection of disk.

The Tomahawk after the release of Anonymous assure the reason I call them as one from the most “curious” and prototype groups of the world musical scene and anyone from you who have also heard the two previous disks of the group(Mit Gas, Tomahawk)I believe that you will agree with what I said.

When I touched the disk with my hands two things roused my interest, one of them was the cover of the disk and the other was the titles of it’s’ songs. In a first conclusion I resorted after the picture of the cover and the reading of the titles of the songs it was that the musical style of the disk will be inspired and influenced from the Indian music. When I heard the first melodies of the disk I understood that I was not wrong with my first estimate. The musical style of Anonymous does not have big differences with the two previous releases of the group as it vacillates in Avant Rock paths with a lot of differences as the musical standards are concerned and with a very beautiful shortening of Indian sounds. Also, an important role for the perfection of the sound part of the disk is the various electronic sounds that exist, the import Drum Machine in certain points and imaginary screams of Mike Patton. Since the very first hearing of Anonymous I noticed many and good moments as the: Ghost Dance, Cradle Song, Antelope Ceremony, Omaha Dance, Totem, Crow Dance and Mescal Rite 1.

For the end I would like to say that Anonymous was one more splendid work from Mike Patton and his company that prove for one more time that their music never dries up from musical ideas, originality, good mood and beauty, I recommend it without hesitation to all.

Track List Line Up
01. War Song
02. Mescal Rite 1
03. Ghost Dance
04. Red Fox
05. Cradle Song
06. Antelope Ceremony
07. Song of Victory
08. Omaha Dance
09. Sun Dance
10. Mescal Rite 2
11. Totem
12. Crow Dance”
13. Long, Long Weary Day
Karl Sanders – vocals, guitars, keyboards, additional instruments
Dallas Toler-Wade – vocals, guitars
George Kollias – drums, percussion
Chris Lollis – bass, vocals