As soon as I layed the cd of Whisper – X on my hands, I imagined that I have to do with another neo-heavy-power band. The reason was their logo, which reminds enough of the respective logos that are used to the particular style.

Appearances are deceptive! Here we are dealing with a Death Metal band that hails from France. Whisper – X exist from 2003 and after a few changes, they ended to their current line-up. From thereafter, they got busy and doing live shows, as a result appearing with many considerable bands of the French (and not only) scene.

Musically now, they move in death metal’s space. Mid tempo rythms mainly, with groovy passages and enough references to bands like Dying Fetus, Vader but also Aborted. In some parts there are the more thrashy strokes with leads that remind us of Kreator and other bands of the style, but always everything with measure. The production without being perfect, distinguishes the songs enough giving the essential brutality that is needed.

A little more detailed, the album starts with an uninspired intro which only is 42 songs and doesn’t become boring. Later on things shake down enough with the song Necrophobia which works perfect as the first song of the album. Fairly likeable and interesting without being the best track of the album (which they kept for later) No Remorse! That’s the title with an incredible beat – “march” and later the war of double bass comes in. Worthy of reference is also the last track of the album, which if I’m not mistaken is a bonus track. An instrumental song with classical guitars and various crusts and keyboards on the background, which create a really experimental atmosphere.

Track List Line Up
01. Into The Morgue
02. Necrophagia
03. Virus Destroy Human
04. No Remorse
05. Fire Punishment
06. Beautiful Punishment
07. Mutant Generation
08. Ultim(H)ate
09. Warside
10. The end of…
11. Chapter 1
Thomas – vocals
Vince – guitar
Ferin – bass
Fren – guitar
Cedric – drums