The Pain is back! The new PRO-PAIN album “No End In Sight” is finally out in the U.S. as well as in Europe and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the very good albums that were released in 2008. The album was produced by Gary Meskil and Tom Klimchuck. Tom Klimchuck also recorded, mixed and mastered it at “The Pickle Jar” in Northport, Florida. All lyrics are written by Gary Meskil; the heart and soul of PRO-PAIN.

“No End In Sight” is an album that I, above all, enjoyed just as I enjoy watching PRO-PAIN perform live. Therefore, it’s very hard for me to distinguish one song and say: “This one is my favorite!” I totally loved “Halo” for the amazing guitar solos, in which Tom Klimchuck did a wonderful job. I was amazed by the upfront lyrics in “Let The Blood Run Through The Streets”, bringing out a message so important and true and yet so inconspicuous nowadays. It also seems that I can’t stop listening to “All Rise!” where it’s clear why Marshall Stephens, even though he’s very young, deserves to be a member of PRO-PAIN and where one can enjoy an incredible guitar solo by Tom Klimchuck, which is not too short so that one will be wondering where the rest of it is and at the same time not too long and tiring… Given that at some point I have to complete this long description of the music I’ll only comment on one more song, which is “The Fight Goes On”. Every time I listen to it I admire JC Dwyer and can’t do anything but wonder, who can ever take his place…

As for the artwork, it’s nothing too fancy or too plain. It’s actually perfect enough, so that we can all focus on the music rather than on the album’s cover.

I would definitely urge everyone to get “No End In Sight” if you haven’t already done so, first of all cause it’s a great album in terms of music, lyrics and mastering and secondly cause it’s the last album of PRO-PAIN with JC Dwyer as the drummer. For more information on the band or on “No End In Sight” you can either visit the official PRO-PAIN website: <a href=””></a> or the band’s official myspace page: <a href=””></a>.

Track List Line Up
01. Let The Blood Run Through The Streets
02. Halo
03. Hour Of The Time
04. To Never Return
05. Where We Stand
06. Phoenix Rising
07. Go It Alone
08. All Rise!
09. God’s Will
10. The Fight Goes On
11. Where We Stand (Ream Mix Bonus Track)
Gary Meskil – Bass/Vocals
Tom Klimchuck – Lead Guitar
Marshall Stephens – Rhythm Guitar
JC Dwyer – Drums