Since their first Official release (Nightmares, 2006) Architects have shown pure talent and technical songwriting and in 2007 they saw their popularity rise after the release of the highly acclaimed “Ruin”, the band’s continuous progress can be witnessed by listening to their already third effort (despite the bands’ members young age) , which reveals a more mature and experimental side of the band as it introduces more clean singing and progressive soundscapes (In Elegance, Hollow Crown).

The chaotic screams of Sam Carter are still here, the complex guitar-riffs and the crushing breakdowns
have their say and are more alive than ever making their presence through the mindblowing
“Early Grave”, “Numbers Count For Nothing” and “One Of These Days”.

Also, the production is better than their previous recordings, making the album sound more “clear”.
If you still havent checked this band, “Hollow Crown” is a great opportunity to start off with Architects
This is probably their best album to date but the band’s name is surely going to be on the list of future
metal/hardcore groups to watch out!

Track List Line Up
01. Early Grave
02. Dethroned
03. Numbers Count for Nothing
04. Follow the Water
05. In Elegance
06. Were All Alone
07. Borrowed Time
08. Every Last Breath
09. One of These Days
10. Dead March
11. Left With A Last Minute
12. Hollow Crown
Sam – Vocals
Ali – Bass
Dan – Drums
Tom – Guitar
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