The Blood Tsunami is back, and it’s darker, faster and even more ferocious than ever. After the release of their 2007 simply-titled debut “Thrash Metal” these Norwegian would be announced as one of the best European thrash metal exporters to the world.

“Grand Feast For The Vultures” can be a considered a progress from their previous full-length, drawing even more 80s Thrash/Death influences, blazing up the tempo, bringing up solos from hell, but still retaining a melodic edge. The album consists of only 7 tracks and runs at approximately 50 minutes making each song an epic structure with plenty of changes and surprises in its total synthesis, it also features a 12 minute instrumental melodic metal overture to the final (and personal favorite) song of the album. As for the production, it is absolutely suitable for a modern thrash metal record, being recorded at Lion Heart Studios in Oslo.

If you think that thrash metal is over and it belongs only to the mighty 80s, then you might want to reconsider after listening to “Grand Feast For The Vultures”.

Track List Line Up
01. Castle Of Skulls
02. Nothing But Contempt
03. Personal Exorcism
04. Laid To Waste
05. Grand Feast For The Vultures
06. Horsehead Nebula
07. One Step Closer To The Grave
Bård “Faust” Eithun – Drums
Kristoffer “Dor” Sørensen – Lead Guitar
Peter “Bosse” Boström – Bass And Back Vocals
Peter “Pete” Michael Kolstad Vegem – Guitar And Vocals