This release includes the two 4 track demos of Michigan based band Enchanter (88’s Defenders of the realm, 89’s Time gone past nevermore) as well as a previously unreleased 1990 track (Ethereal Quarter).

What you will encounter here is top quality technical epic U.S. power metal, truly progressive, with frequent tempo changes, razor sharp guitar riffs and paranoid high pitched vocals. The “Defenders of the realm” era material is the more “immediate” and heavy of the bunch, with “Time gone past nevermore” building towards a more progressive approach, which can be met at its peak in “Ethereal Quarter”. The result is even more impressive thanks to the epic themes used in the lyrics.

I really don’t find reason to expand here, if you are into bands like Slaughter Xstroyes, early Fates Warning, Cauldron Born etc, you will worship this release like I did. With releases of this and Scarlet Rayne’s caliber under its belt, Arkeyn Steel records is off to a great start.

Track List Line Up
01. Thor
02. Beckoned with the Call
03. Defenders of the Realm
04. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
05. Time Gone Past Nevermore
06. Beckoned with the Call
07. Keepers of the Dawn
08. Imaginary Throne
09. Intro
10. Ethereal Quarter
Brian Osborne – Vocals
Jimi Shellburg – Guitars
Rich Nowlan – Guitars
Jimmy Delamater – Bass
Riche Copeland – Drums