Hailing from Jacksonville Florida, Evergreen Terrace has come to punch us in the head with their sixth release. “Almost Home” is a fierce, brutal yet melodic album which comes along with a heavy dose of both melodic and screaming vocals, catchy choruses and metal riffing. Typical stuff when you are talking about ET. And that’s the problem with this record. If you expect to find something new in their sound, you’d be disappointed…

I guess there’s a lot more clean singing than in the other albums (except “Wolfbiker”maybe ) from the guitarist/singer Craig Chaney and the riffing has fully gone into metal territories, but hey as I said it’s ET! The rhythm section is tight as hell and the production makes their sound even heavier and solid. I  gotta give credit to the drumming especially. It is stomping throughout the whole album!

Standout tracks are the opening “Sex Enemy” which bursts into your speakers like nuclear explosion, the self titled “Almost Home”, the catchy “about-to-be-single” “Sending Signals”, “The Letdown” with the ultra heavy beatdown and “I am a Bulletproof Tiger’ with the Every Time I Die-esque riff.

If you are an old fan (and that includes me) you’ll think this album is a mix of their previous work and you’ll get your hands on it cause you love the band and you collect everything they put out.

If you are new to their sound, I am sure you will start picking up their previous work.
After all, you can’t go wrong with ET.

Track List Line Up
01. Enemy Sex
02. Almost Home
03. God Rocky, Is This Your Face?
04. We’re Always Losing Blood
05. Sending Signals
06. Mario Speedwagon
07. Failure to Operate
08. Hopelessly Hopeless
09. The Letdown
10. I’m A Bulletproof Tiger
11. Not Good Enough
Andrew Carey – vocals
Craig Chaney – guitar
Josh James – guitar
Kyle Mims – drums