Are you vegan? Are you straight edge? Do you like NYHC? Then be sure to check out Earth Crisis’ reunion release cause besides being a metallic hardcore monster, it includes all of the above.

I was eager to listen to this album. Firstly cause it’s a reunion release from one of the most influential bands of the hardcore-metalcore genre that have recorded super-stuff like “Gomorrah’s Season Ends” and “Breed The Killers” and also because I wanted to find out what Karl Buechner and co. were cooking up this time. I bet my ass it wasn’t meat…

Lyrically “To The Death” refers to all the usual subjects that concern Earth Crisis. Veganism, living a drug-free life, animal liberation and personal freedom from an oppressing society.It’s no surprise for ExC, but this is what makes them differ from the masses of sxe groups out there. These guys know what they are screaming for and they were among those who led the way for all of these bands to wear triple Xs on their shirts. A long time ago I might add…

Musicwise this beast is overflown with heavy, chugging riffs that seem to me a bit more progressive than their previous work and that’s the reason why I am lovin’ ‘em! Also there are a few solos here and there. The guitars provide a certain groove and that’s a plus to the banging basslines of Bulldog that combine perfectly with the precise drumming of Mr. Merrick and make the album sound solid and powerful. One other thing I love about this record is the vocals which are crusty with the right dose of brutality and screaming, leaving “singing” to the far away past and records like “Slither”.

Standout tracks are the real-life-inspired “To Ashes”, the ultra groovy “Cities Fall”, “When Slaves Revolt” and the self-titled “To The Death”.

Earth Crisis are back for good and they deliver…

Track List Line Up
01. Against the current
02. To ashes
03. So others live
04. Security threat no.
05. When slaves revolt
06. Plaque bearers
07. Control through fear
08. Cities fall
09. Eye of Babylon
10. What horrifies
11. To the death
Karl Buechner-vocals
Scott Crouse-guitars
Erick Edwards-guitar
Ian “Bulldog” Edwards-bass
Dennis Merrick-drums