Endstille have been going on since 2000 providing the world with aggressive raw black metal. This is what they do and this is how “Verführer”, their new release, sounds like.

The album, having the proper production to bring as in a true battlefield ground, does not change Endstille’ s sound at all. They go on to this music direction they’ve chosen from the start and everyone that is interested, in this particular genre, will find all the elements of black metal, at their top performance. Obscure, dark, depressive compositions that bring the image of a world in deconstruction. Sometimes hyper fast, sometimes gloomy and mysterious. Enriched by the lyrics, that traditionally refer to World War II but not taking “any” side at all.

Endstille make their most ambitious move to date, releasing a record of nice and extreme proportions of their blackest thoughts. If you’re aware of their previous works, then you can observe one masterpiece more. If you haven’t ever listen to them, and you’re into extreme black metal, well here’s your chance but…

If you’re into melodies and ambient black metal or even commercial black metal this release is not your cup of tea…THIS IS WAR BLACK METAL!!!

Track List Line Up
01. …Of Disorder
02. Hate Me… God?
03. Depressive/Abstract/Banished/Despised
04. Ursprung
05. Monotonusn
06. Symptoms
07. Suffer In Silence
08. Dead
09. Endstille (Verführer)
Mayhemic Destructor – drums
L. Wachtfels – guitars
Cruor – Bass, backing vocals

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