Greece has a great history on black metal. Rotting Christ and Necromantia are only two of the bands that initiated the scene that later would be one of the most respected around the world. And that was a long time ago; more than 20 years. Since then many bands have followed their path with success but many others fail to win the bet.

Shadowcraft is a band with seven years of existence and after many demos they succeed to release their first full length under a label. “Principles Of Chaos” is a great debut for the guys from Thessaloniki. The music could be described as a mix of the classic Greek black metal sound with a lot of majestic elements alike Dimmu Borgir and Emperor.

Their music is introducing to us with an instrumental intro of keyboards. And this isn’t the only one. You will listen to three in total keyboard’s instrumentals and one better than the other. Of course the main reason I mentioned the majestic elements is because of the keyboards of Q_Snc. In the most of the duration of the album “The Principles Of Chaos” he did an excellent work filling the background with choirs and symphonic melodies. But this is it. There are many spots that they seem overused and a bit of out of the point. And to me this is the only disadvantage of the CD and in my opinion it is to blame the production.

On the other hand we have great compositions of black metal that the vocals of Pyrphoros blend with all instruments great. His screams are great and have good timing, and with the addition of some low growls and many recited parts that gives a claustrophobic atmosphere to the final result. The bass for most of the time stays in the background and there are few times that you can tell that is listenable. But the guitars have a great role on the music and for sure Amethyst and MF did a great job with all the melodies and the riffs.

Michael keeps tight the whole thing with his drumming. The tempos vary from medium to fast blastbeats. The mid-tempos though have the main part; a typical component of Greek black metal scene. And these mid-tempos make the music more majestic.

The highlights in this album are many. From the start till the end the listening of “Principles Of Chaos” is a joy ride – especially for the fans of symphonic and majestic black metal. It is a complete and accomplished CD mixing two kinds of black metal; the melodies and ferocity of Greece’s black metal scene with the atmosphere of the majestic. I can’t decide among songs like “Wrath Of Celestial Daemons”, “Principles Of Chaos” or the ancient Greek hymn “The Light Of Apollo”, yet if I had to choose one that would be the two-parted “Burning Sun”. The first part named “Ascending” is one of the three intros and the feeling that was created in my head was more bleak than the title recommended. And then the main song “Bringer Of Plagues And Suffering” exploded in my face with its cutting riffs; a masterpiece of black music.

The rating would be higher if there wasn’t for the production. And I think that these guys have a lot to give so I risk motivating them with this rate. So please do not hesitate to enter the universe of Shadowcraft, I do know that you will find something interesting…

Track List Line Up
01. Aeons Passed On…
02. Principles Of Chaos
03. A brotherhood Betrayed
04. The Light Of Apollo
05. Burning Sun Pt.1: Ascending…
06. Burning Sun Pt.2:Bringer Of Plagues And Suffering
07. Red Moon Above The Enemy
08. The Chamber Of Eyes
09. A Path
10. Transcending Into Infinite Aeons
11. Wrath Of Celestial Daemons
Pyrphoros – Vocals
Amethyst – Lead Guitars
MF – Rhythm Guitars
Spectral Cannibal – Bass Guitars
Q_Snc – Synths/Ambience
Michael – Drums