Celtic circular patterns, mountains and a drakkar in the lake, give you the first impression of what you could expect from these Norwegian guys. Folk metal. Not being aware of who they are and their previous releases, I moved on to see what they are all about.

Looking at the titles of the songs, apart from one, you get no idea of what these songs are about, except of course, if you speak the language of Glittertind’s mastermind Torbjørn Sandvik. Having this in mind, my listening begins and the confusion goes on. Is this a Metal album with folk melodies or is it a punk album with folk melodies? Or is it both?

I would say, that they’re a mixture of metal played in a punkish way, enriched with folk melodies and dancing by the fires attitude. They really confused me.

Surely, the album stands out in the average folk metal release clichés, such as, dancing rhythms and some acoustic moments with flutes and other traditional instruments, combined with appropriate vocal lines that always want to remind you, that you’re lost in time. In the end though, their lyrical approach was quite tiring ‘cause I understood shit about it.

If it hadn’t been of the language maybe anyone, including myself, could enjoy more this album, that’s not musically weak. Actually, it has very complex and strong orchestrations for a folk metal release, with the overall duration of it not exceeding the maximum of forty minutes.

I hope their next release will be in English, so that we can sing along their dancing choruses and join them with our hearts.

Track List Line Up
01. Landkjenning
02. Nordafjells
03. Varder i brann
04. Går min eigen veg
05. Longships and Mead
06. Glittertind
07. Jeg snører min sekk
08. Mot myrke vetteren
09. Brede seil over Nordsjø  går
10. Overmåte full av nåde
Torbjørn Sandvik – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
Geirmund Simonsen – Guitars, Bass, Drums, Accordion, Programming