There is nothing better than justice being done. Justice concerning time that is lost, inspiration that remains in high levels and above all, identity that is not transformed to lack of personality. Who would believe years ago that we would have to wait for the legendary Floridians Atheist to release a new album to start believing that God exists and he’s present… It sounds ironic, isn’t it? Well, it’s no less than a music miracle that the four-piece is back with us, so the only thing we have to do is just enjoy this flawless piece of work, which happens to be one of the three best albums of the year (if not the best…). For those knowing it’s no surprise at all, as Atheist delivered three monumental releases back in the day (”Piece Of Time” (1989), ”Unquestioanable Presence” (1991) and ”Elements” (1993)). But what happens to the ones coming for the first time to know their music?

Well folks, let’s begin with the basics. The music of our old heroes there never was what we call ”easy”. It also wouldn’t get into straight definitions as none could really interpretate their unbelievable rhythm changes combined with extreme technique, but always full of point, without tiring the listener. From their very early days as R.A.V.A.G.E (Raging Atheists Vow A Gory End) and their very first efforts with the ”On They Slay” demo to the jazzy parts of the ”Elements” album, Atheist remained unique, pioneers, honest and in many terms, too good to be true. Fate played with them and gave them hard hits under the belt, which caused their split-up. Still, the constant recognition of their status, made cards turn upside down, and this is the zero point from where we begin today to talk about the new album called ”Jupiter”.

I could easily sum up the whole 32 minutes and just say it’s the logical continuation to their previous three masterpieces. But it would be so low for its worth that I must give you some hints why you MUST buy this album. At first, it’s the most mature release they have ever done, and not because they grew up, but because they managed to gather the best parts from their parts and finally they gave us the most raging album since ”Piece Of Time”, the most progressive album since ”Unquestionable Presence” and the most gifted with a bright look in the future since ”Elements”. The best in all these is the fact that they face their music as something coming simply from their hearts and all they want to do is play what they like. Not what the fans like (despite the fact that we are all insanely obsessive about the album).

Also, noone can deny the unbelievable structure the songs have. The guitars sound like they weave the apocalypse, creating a maelstrom in which we all eventually will be driven, just to find ourselves unable to do anything but become ultimate followers to them. The rhythm section spits at the terms ”progressive” or ”technical”, as they go much further than this. Drummer Steve Flynn was always ahead with his playing, but reaching the ends of 2010, it’s dead sure he will make a lot of men catch drumsticks in their hands and try to immitate him. All eight songs grow constantly as the duration runs, with Kelly Shaefer unleashed and in perfect shape, sounding like he is still 20 years old. What can anybody say to find dispute that this album is already larger than life?

Last but not least, I must make a statement so things will be clear. None of us knowing the band should wonder ”What the fuck are they doing” or ”How can they be so perfect once again?”. Atheist have been playing the music of 2010 since the mid ’80s. And this is enough. The only thing that their absence created was an unreachable gap that only they could feel. Entering bands like Obscura in our lives, they came to show how important Atheist were, are and will always be. But there are some parts that the student can’t reach the professor. Atheist will forever be the first and last to pull the strings in the diverse side of extreme music and we, as fans, have to make as much more people as we can discover their new favourite band. Thank goodness, these atheists are still raging. On they slay through clouds of death…No mercy or no fear…

Track List Line Up
01. Second to Sun
02. Fictitious Guide
03. Fraudulent Cloth
04. Live, And Live Again
05. Faux King Christ
06. Tortoise the Titan
07. When the Beast
08. Third Person

Kelly Shaefer – Vocals, Guitars
Jonathan Thompson – Guitars, Bass
Chris Baker – Guitars
Steve Flynn – Drums