Three years from 2006 to 2009 and the hellish await has ended. Slayer are back, with eleven new killer songs and now the Metal world can be painted in blood, indeed.

Following their reputation and their professionalism the kings of raw thrash metal return with another monumental release.

“World Painted Blood” opens the album, with mid tempo “Seasons-like” character. Tom barely breathes, as he spits the words of fury, Dave bombs the drum kit with his familiar brutality, as for the killer guitar duet of Kerry and Jeff, they already seem unstoppable.

“Unit 731” is a classical moshpit anthem and just before it ends, Slayer go on with “Snuff” in a river of unleashed aggression, probably the best track from this record, keeping your mind to their past releases, but mostly on the South/Seasons era.

“Beauty Through Order” follows in a quite slow tempo, until you get one minute before its end, where a thrash chaos blows your mind shamelessly.

“Hate Worldwide” that comes next is another unstoppable Slayer classical that goes really nice with “Public Display Of Dismemberment” and as you listen so far, you might just want to re-adjust your thoughts about bands from the past, that are not loyal even to themselves. These songs give the answer to all out there, why Slayer are a big chapter in thrash metal history, if not the only one from the “big four” that is so close to their roots.

“Human Strain” and “Americon” are attached to the style of their previous release “Christ Illusion” both having a lot to say lyrically, as most songs of Slayer do, when they refer to politics.

“Psychopathy Red” was the first single that came out of from this release. I should say there’s a big resemblance with “Sex, Murder, Art” from “Divine Intervention ”. Full speed tempos and Tom’s screams warn you that none is joking. Perfect!

“Playing With Dolls” is probably the only filler song in this strong album.

Reminding me the song “Jihad” from “Christ Illusion” this tune just doesn’t fit to the anger and the mood of the album.

After only 35 minutes and ten songs Slayer draw the curtain with “Not Of This God”. Another live Slayer classical perfect for album closer and surely promising for the future of these monsters…

I was happy when “Christ Illusion” was out back in 2006. “World Painted Blood” though, shows that Slayer will go on their own great path and as every king does, they’ll always claim their throne with every release, that no doubt belongs to them and will belong to them, for years to come.

Observe and headbang ‘till you bleed! This is pure SLAYER!

Track List Line Up
01. World Painted Blood
02.Unit 731
03. Snuff
04. Beauty Through Order
05. Hate Worldwide
06. Public Display Of Dismemberment
07. Human Strain
08. Americon
09. Psychopathy Red
10. Playing With Dolls
11. Not Of This God
Tom Araya – lead vocals, bass guitar
Jeff Hannemann – guitar
Kerry King – guitar
Dave Lombardo – drums