Pain Of Salvation were and still remain a great band, that has always moved their own path, throughout the years. After four monumental progressive metal releases, they had their first big different step -album “BE”- but essential for their carrier, as it seemed years later. With “Scarsick” that followed in 2007, the band seemed mislead, although the album was somehow in good terms with the band’s elements of progression and perfect song writing.

Now, after a live record release the new E.P. entitled “Linoleum” takes its way to the record stores. Words can not describe the enthusiasm and the expectations one can have, for the new release of an intellectual band such as P.O.S. But what happens when all hope and expectation, do not match the result you have just listened? You press play again, trying to convince yourself that you’ve heard the right band and after you’re sure. A big question suddenly appears…why?

Four new songs that lack character, depth and the Salvation trademark. A weird mix with weak and confusing production disappoint even more. As for the compositions and the performance, it might be the first time that, none of the two leaves up to expectations. The overall result, seems a bit rushed and it really sounds as a well played rehearsal of a band, that hasn’t completed their compositions for a forthcoming album.

Finally, after the 4 new songs, follows the ridiculous “Bonus Track B” an unnecessary extra “chat track” where nothing else, but an “in the band chat” takes place. As for the sixth and final track, which is a cover of Scorpion’s “Yellow Raven”, I’ll leave it for everyone of you ‘cause for me, it didn’t reach the abilities this huge band has. Too bad they dig their own grave.

I really wished we had a monumental release to speak about, but with every listen I do, I get even more uncomfortable with the fact that we have nothing to get from this release. I hope they’ll recover with their next full length and they’ll leave us satisfied once again. As for “Linoleum” I wish it’s their last first and last bad release!

Track List Line Up
01. Linoleum
02. Mortar Grind
03. If You Wait
04. Gone
05. Bonus Track B
06. Yellow Raven
Daniel Gildenlöw – vocals, guitar
Johan Hallgren – guitar, backing vocals
Fredrik Hermansson – synthesizers
Léo Margarit – drums, backing vocals
Per Schelander – bass guitar, backing vocals