Named after the initials of Work Of Art, Eclipse and Talisman, W.E.T. is the project produced by the collaboration between these three music groups of musicians. To be more specific, guitarist Robert Sall of Work Of Art, bassist/guitarist Erik Martenson, drummer Robban Back and guitarist Magnus Henriksson from Eclipse and vocalist Jeff Scott Soto from Talisman tried to concentrate years of experience and technique in this album.

“One love” and “Comes Down Like Rain” ,presented along with their videos too, are included in the promo cd ,whereas in the album one can find all twelve tracks and three bonus videos. With the first song being a rather typical melodic hit and the second one a hard rock ballad, both songs can be defined as a characteristic sample of the project’s style, and a good choice if you want to have a taste before buying the complete album.

This melodic rock alliance is probably what was expected to be, there are no surprises! Undoubted mature technique, extreme guitar solos and Jeff Scott Soto vocalist compose a well-served recipe of what these musicians best know to do. What other impression could someone have, considering two lead guitarists joining forces in a melodic hard rock band anyway?

A smart listener should not expect anything shocking or new and a fan of these artists would not want something different either. However it is a pleasant listen; for the younger a chance to learn and for the older a chance to remember!

Track List Line Up
01. One Love
02. Comes Down Like Rain

Bonus Videos
01. One Love
02. Comes Down Like Rain

Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals
Robban Back – Drums
Erik Martensson – Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Magnus Henriksson – Lead Guitar
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