Jeff Scott Soto, one of my favorite singers in rock and metal music, has just released a new full length album called “Damage Control”. This talented musician with the unique voice and a big history on his back has collaborated with many great musicians and bands through his career such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Axel Rudi Pell, Journey, the Trans Siberian Orchestra, Brian May, Soul SirkUS and of course Talisman and W.E.T..

I always admired his work with all of these bands and some of them are also personal favorites, so you could say that I am probably not the perfect guy to write a review for his new solo album. Nevertheless, the record is out so what the hell?

The album begins quite softly with the song “Give A Little More”, that is definitely a great song, though a bit melancholic. I just waited something that would kick in full guns blazing for first song of the album. Title track “Damage Control” on the other hand is more aggressive and is one of my favorites of the album. A video was made for this song as well as for the next track called “Look Inside Your Heart” that is also one of the best songs of the album. I loved the keyboards of the album but I would like the guitars to be a bit more heavy and aggressive, at least at some parts of the album.

Jeff Scott Soto did an amazing job on vocals as always and judging by his voice, it’s like he never aged, after all these years though he sounds more mature musically than ever. I also liked some other up-tempo songs like “Tears That I Cry”, “Krazy World” and “AfterWorld” and the two ballads “BonaFide” and “NeverEnding War”. The album sounds decent and the musicians that participated all gave their best performance. “Damage Control” was mixed by John Ellis and produced by Jeff Scott Soto and the final result is fantastic. The deluxe edition has three bonus songs, “Take you Down” a heavy, hard rock song, “Elena” that is a power ballad and “Afraid To Die” that in my opinion is the heaviest song of the album. It also includes a DVD with music videos and interview footage.

So, new album for Jeff Scott Soto and it’s a very interesting one too. “Damage Control” is a hard rock album that combines the sound of past works of Jeff Scott Soto with the present, containing songs that won’t let you down with lots of guest appearances. If you are a fan of Jeff Scott Soto’s voice, this is a must-buy.

Track List Line Up
01. Give A Little More
02. Damage Control
03. Look Inside Your Heart
04. Die A Little
05. If I Never Let Her Go
06. Tears That I Cry
07. BonaFide
08. Krazy World
09. How To Love Again
10. AfterWorld
11. NeverEnding War
Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals
Fernando Mainer – Bass
Jorge Salan – Guitar
Edu Cominato – Drums
BJ – Guitar, Keyboard