A new band, a new album… Musica Diablo is a band only a couple of years, and they formed under one thought: to play thrash. In the beginning songs from other bands, and later the members called Derrick Green to join their forces. A man with big experience on the thrash metal sound, in a colossal band like Sepultura.

From the first till the last second, the influences are obvious. Thrash, groovy, a little bit of punk, vocals and some elements of Brazilian influence. In the words… Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy. The lack of inventiveness is the most remarkable aspect of that album. The point is that they play something that they know well and they play well. They can make you headbang on every song, sing along with Derrick.

Another thing that I noticed, is the solos. Some solos look like the Soulfly’s ones, all the others are really well played, but they are not something new, and leave you not a single chance to remember them. Derrick Green shows a different face, other than the one we heard him. He makes growls and sings more with throaty voice. The drums, also, are not something remarkable, either blast beats, either a common punk beat.

I think it is a must only for the most hardocre fans of Derrick Green, but those who wait to listen some non-metal brazilian parts, will be disappointed. The album is in-your-face brazilian thrash. It has nothing new to offer, but is something nice to be heard.

Track List Line Up
01.Sweet Revenge
02. Sacrifice
03. Live To Buy
04. Underlord
05. Work Out
06. Lifeless
07. In The Name Of Greed
08. Betrayed
09. The Flame Of Anger
10. Twisted Hate
11. The Rack
Derrick Green – vocals
Andre NM – guitars
Andre Curci – guitars
Ricardo Brigas – bass
Edunicollini – drums