I am in such a state I have only been specific times in my life before. It is this feeling of a discovery that it feels like it’s going to change a lot. Inside you and around you as well. Now, somebody would ask logically ”How can this be happening with just a musical album?” and there comes the part you must answer in a way to make him understand what you say, without being overreactive or use exaggerated adjectives. I only have to say that in a world where everybody are trying about this one hit wonder, that will lead them to the doors of a big record company, this first attempt of Gus Drax, is more than a diamond shining, in a place where mud and dirt takes over. The only thing someone must do to find it, is dig in unknown depths. The treasure lies in front of his eyes (and ears as well).

Little I should say about this album, consisting of nine songs and 48 minutes of pure poetry without words. To create a full instrumental album in the year of 2010 is more than commercial suicide. But not for this guy. Not only he was not afraid to produce this masterpiece, but he also put so much love into it, that you can tell even from the first notes of ”Kiss Of Life” there’s something special moving on here. My first contact with him was in a show of Biomechanical, where he had the difficult tusk to play on his own the insane work of two guitar players. Not only I was astonished by his presence, but I also called him ”New Jeff Loomis” in my heart, regarding his strong and direct playing, his insane solos, even his seven-string guitar. Now he proves me that he’s so much more than that.

In this album you will find crazy songs like ”The End Of Innocence” or ”Cerebral Chaos”. Representative enough of his skills and influences, they make us float in this sea of rapidly changing emotions, especially with tracks like ”In Loving Memory” (in this one, it’s like seeing the spirit of Criss Oliva smiling, not for any particular reason, that’s what just came to my mind) with its great melodies and the touching solos. He can remind you of great players, like his beloved John Petrucci, the glory days of Jeff Loomis in Nevermore and his personal albums, Marty Friedman in his Cacophony days and his first personal albums and many more. The most impressive is the way he shows us how complete he is as a guitar player, combining multiple styles, but in the end, leaving his personal mark on all of these.

A great example of his diverse riffing could easily be ”Hourglass”, which could have been a melodic Biomechanical song. Pure insanity with Gus racing against only himself, leaving everyone and everything behind. In the age of 23 he shows such talent and vision for the future, than when he becomes even greater in status, he will refer to this album with pride. And believe me, he’s going to be so right you can’t imagine. This album is for sure the beginning of a history to be written in golden pages. The signs are clear and only if he doesn’t want to, he won’t be standing next to the greatest one day. ”1000 Nights” is a tribute to his favourite group Dream Theater, while ”In Presence Of The Dead” and ”Abnormal Sequence” raise barriers to all those that will try to copy him and will be proved amateurs.

Finally, we have ”Vitality” as a bonus track which closes ideally an album that will be a companion for life. This search for perfection was succesful in all ways for little Gus and the first step, meaning recognition is already achieved. He dared and he won. Also winners in this case are all listeners of good and full of quality music. A win/win situation that will open new soundscapes in the future, as i have the feeling he’s going to offer us much more in the years to come. Don’t miss the chance to be part of something unique and full of honesty. In a time where nothing is more permanent than what just comes and goes, Gus Drax is here to stay with us all. Perfection you said? Only a matter of time!

Track List Line Up
01. Kiss of Life
02. The End Of Innocence
03. Cerebral Chaos
04. In Loving Memory
05. Hourglass
06. 1000 Nights
07. In Presence Of The Dead
08. Abnormal Sequence
09. Vitality (Bonus Track)
Gus Drax – Guitars, Drum Programming
Vasilis Liakos – Bass
Bob Katsionis – Drums