Robert Scott Weirich. The man simply known as Wino. The man who walks the Earth and the weight of the world becomes heavier in each step he takes forward. I will explain only for the ones who happen to come at first contact with his monstrosity, as the rest I want to believe know what we are talking about. He is the man responsible for the mighty band called The Obsessed. He was the main reason why Saint Vitus became larger than life. He had the balls to form at first Spirit Caravan and after that The Hidden Hand, after leaving Saint Vitus. He has also taken place in Place Of Skulls alongside Victor Griffin of Pentagram. Last but not least he is one of the four gods that took place in the best album of 2009, the same titled album of Shrinebuilder, with Scott Kelly of Neurosis, Al Cisneros of OM and Dale Crover of Melvins. Want more?

Ok fellows, there’s more. Last year he managed to release his debut solo album entitled ”Punctuated Equilibrium”. A sample of heaviness that characterizes him from the beginning of his birth. This time, a year after that, he manages to do something he never did so far. A full acoustic album. Yes, an acoustic album from Wino. I have seen, heard, lived and witnessed all in this life I guess after that. And not only he took such decision, but makes the die-hard fans that follow him throughout his whole career, wish that he would do this many years ago. For the first time in history we are in the position to listen to The Beast totally naked regarding his musical production. A work coming straight from the heart aiming straight through the heart. Because you must have feelings to catch the whole process of these twelve songs.

Wino never hid the fact that he was a Black Sabbath lover and the meaning of riff many times found its definition in him. What lead him to do this? Is it because he is reaching his fifty years of life next year? Is it because he just found the right time to do this? Or was it just what came naturally from his inspiration? Few could really know. What I know is that as we reach the end of this year full of great musical experiences, he helps us a lot remember 2010 as one of the best years in music generally, with releasing one of the ten (not to say less) albums of the year. It’s amazing how each song can work on its own, so imagine eleven songs and a cover of Motorhead’s ”Iron Horse/Born To Lose” in acoustic forms. Add the fact that he offers us the best vocal performance of his lifetime and you win the million dollar prize.

From the first seconds of the title track ”Adrift” to the last breaths of ”Green Speed”, you will listen to an album that will make you consider it a companion of a lifetime. A very warm album to pass the cold winter nights. An album that can lead you to the first bar to consume large amounts of bourbon or just make you sit home in a corner and think about how simple times and moments in life can offer you the most, right when you don’t expect it. An album that can lead you to glorious days of the American music, which pays tribute even to the mighty Johnny Cash in some songs. I can barely pour out ”Hold On Love” or ”Old & Alone” as some of the highlights of this album. It’s one of these cases that the reviewer feels so happy about what he heard, that he must hold himself in order not to seem naive or out of place and time.

”Shot In The Head” is one of the best songs I have heard in my life, it’s magic to listen to him perform solo with his acoustic guitar. ”Adrift” is also one of the best and most special albums you will find in your way. Who could expect this… This mass of muscles and tattoos has a big heart inside it and not only its pulses beat stronger than you can imagine, but there is also another side in it which we never happened to witness so far. We only must thank him for showing this to us and letting himself free and sharing it with us. It’s just him and his guitar on this. A perfect example that less is always more and that simplicity always offers perfection sometimes. In my heart this album equals a 10 just like most of the recordings he has taken place so far. In your hearts, the decision is yours. Dare you miss this? I’d like not to think so. If so, you were born too late, and you’ll never be like him, ’cause he doesn’t want to be like us. He is Wino. End of story.

Track List Line Up
01. Adrift
02. I Don’t Care
03. Hold On Love
04. Mala Suerte
05. Old & Alone
06. Iron Horse/Born To Lose
07. Suzanes Song
08. DBear
09. Whatever
10. Shot In The Head
11. O.B.E.
12. Green Speed
Wino – Guitar and Vocals