Have you ever experienced the feeling of exploring something great? Oh well, this happened with me and Nails. I have to admit that when I first took a look at the album cover I thought it would be another spooky depressive/suicidal black metal judging from the man committing suicide. But everything seemed to change with the best possible way after pushing the play button.

Despite my first completely false impression, I couldn’t believe when a hardcore metal holocaust came out from the speakers. This album could be expressed like a small orgasm as its duration is less than 14′. The good thing with this band is that they have the distorted groovy sound of Swedish death metal and the fury of grindcore mixed and combined in an excellent way with pure hardcore metal.Intesive drumming filled by a great thick bass sound, vocals that spit anger and disorder as well as razor cutting guitars are the basic elements of this magnificent album, mastered and produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou personal studio.

Chaos is unleashed from even the first 32″ track “Conform». Without having understand what happened, the first drumming hits of the second song “Scum Will Rise” punches you straight to the face making you endlessly to start headbaning with these great breakdowns at the end of the song. While the religion reproaching track “Your God” spreads hell for about 32″ again, “Suffering Soul” is here to express mental pain and disappointment accompanied by a groovy breakdown.And now is the time for the album’s highlight song “Unsilent Death” featuring a great tremble solo creating an atmosphere that really stinked death.” Traitos” ensures their undeniable grindcore influences, which are completed after the political “I Will Not Follow”. Another,good small solo exists in “No Servant” making the feeling of the cd more and more enjoyable.  As for “Spacegoat” keeps the pace before leading to cd’s longest and last track “Depths”.

All in all, “Unsilent Death” is easily one of the best releases of 2010 coming out from South California. I think that the future will be bright and very successful for this band, unless they keep up the good work.

Track List Line Up
01. Conform
02. Scum Will Rise
03. Your God
04. Suffering Soul
05. Unsilent Death
06. Traitor
07. I Will Not Follow
08. No Servant
09. Spacegoat
10. Depths

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