During the last years, old school death metal has seen somewhat of a decline, as other more melodic and accessible types of bands better meet the demands of the mainstream metal scene. Many of the veteran death metal bands have run out of tricks and keep recycling their own ideas, while newer bands focus only on playing as fast and as technical as they can get, neglecting the groove and catchiness aspect that was so good about old school death metal. That is not the case with Immolation however.

During their 20 year plus career, Immolation has been one of the most consistent and unique death metal bands ever, never releasing an album that is below their standards. And the most impressive thing about them is that they always keep evolving their sound, adding new elements and never fearing to experiment a bit, but without ever changing the basic formula of their music. With “Providence”, Immolation effectively display what they have become renowned for doing all these years.

The band cuts to the chase immediately with the blistering opener “What They Bring” and make a great introduction to the EP. All the trademark characteristics of Immolations music are clearly present here: bottom heavy sound, complex dissonant guitar riffs and groovy chugs, crushing double bass and blastbeat drumming, and virtuosic solos by lead guitarist Robert Vigna. “Illumination” follows next, and is quite an interesting track, since it includes a string section, which gives it a very dramatic and ominous feel, as well as featuring the catchiest riffs on the EP. The more melodic “Swallow the Fear” is also another highlight.

Overall “Providence” is another great addition to Immolations flawless discography and is definitely worth the attention of fans of old school death metal. With bands like Immolation, it is clear that the death metal scene, while not being as strong or as popular as it used to be, still has great things to offer!

Track List Line Up
01. What They Bring
02. Illumination
03. Still Lost
04. Providence
05. Swallow the Fear
Ross Dolan – Bass/Vocals
Robert Vigna – Lead Guitars
Bill Taylor – Guitars
Steve Shalaty – Drums

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